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    Sales As A Service Can Lead To Dramatic Sales Success

    Customer service and sales share key skills like company knowledge and communication. Yoummday offers both inbound and outbound sales services, utilizing a skilled talent pool to create effective sales strategies, including lead generation and closing deals.

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    Nadine Stumpf
    9 July 2024
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    The skills required for customer service are very similar to those required for sales. Our talents need to understand the company they are representing, the products or services being supported, and be able to communicate well with the customer. All these skills are needed for both service and sales.

    In fact, service and sales are often intertwined. A customer calling with a problem may find that it can be resolved through an upgrade or a purchase. A skilled customer service talent will know how to help the customer and also achieve the sale that helps to resolve the situation. This ability to both help the customer and manage a sales process is often known as inbound sales - the customer initiates contact.

    Sometimes, our clients just want to work with us for the sales process alone and we do offer this option. This is known as outbound sales because the sales professionals initiate contact with a prospective customer.

    This is sales as a service. We have a large pool of talented individuals with strong customer service experience across a number of industries. We can work with our client and our talents to create a sales plan that involves this outbound contact to potential customers.

    Building an outbound sales strategy requires insight and experience - it’s more than just cold calling and hoping that customers will respond.

    Our team can advise on several areas to help you create a sales strategy:

    • Market segment identification: who will you be selling to and where are the decision-makers? Do you have a typical persona for a prospective buyer?

    • Lead generation: building a pipeline of leads from social media, a customer database, or a purchased list.

    • Outreach and qualification: the initial outreach has to determine if the potential customer is interested and may want more information or has no interest at all.

    • Sales calls: arranging the demos and talking to the potential customer to answer their questions and determine their needs.

    • Closing the deal: making the sale and switching the customer into the onboarding process.

    Yoummday talents can often switch between sales or service campaigns in industries where they are knowledgeable, allowing us to draw rapidly on a large pool of skilled people.

    Earlier this year, our team participated in the rigorous Vodafone Sales Challenge 2024 - we surpassed everyone else. We went head-to-head with Vodafone Ziggo’s array of outsourcing service providers, including five prominent brick-and-mortar call centers situated and operated in the Netherlands. In outperforming its competitors, yoummday secured the highest volume of customer acquisitions within the predetermined timeframe, showcasing its unparalleled ability to drive sales and generate results.

    Our team also has access to our industry-leading suite of modular artificial intelligence (AI) tools. These tools help the talents, offer the ability to create realtime analysis, and can create insight into which sales techniques are working best with a set of customers.

    Sales as a service can be a strategic tool your business uses to ramp up a campaign or to augment an existing campaign. Get in touch for more examples and case studies.

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