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AI & Data

By harnessing the expertise of CX professionals, the AI and data industry can unlock new dimensions of understanding, drive innovation, and deliver truly personalised experiences that resonate with customers. yoummday is pioneering the fusion of AI advancements with the expertise of our CX talents, to shape next-level AI models for unparalleled customer experiences.

AI Data Labeling and Annotation

AI data labeling involves meticulously tagging data (images, text, audio) with specific descriptions and crucial for teaching AI models to recognise patterns and make accurate predictions. Data labeling provides the basic building blocks, but AI data annotation takes it a step further. It involves adding richer layers of information to the data. This can include drawing bounding boxes around objects in images, identifying sentiment in text data, or transcribing audio into written text. By providing this extra context, AI models can grasp the finer details and develop a more sophisticated understanding of the information.

yoummday partners with companies to offer a global pool of skilled professionals trained in AI data labeling and annotation techniques. Our team ensures accuracy, consistency, and efficiency throughout the process. We understand the critical role high-quality data plays in building intelligent systems, and we're committed to helping unlock the true potential of AI.

Reliability and Integrity of Data

In the vast landscape of data, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information is paramount. Inaccurate or unreliable data can lead to flawed insights, misguided decisions, and missed opportunities. Businesses often struggle to identify and rectify inaccuracies within their datasets, impacting their ability to utilise data for strategic planning and business operations confidently.

yoummday's skilled talents are equipped to perform comprehensive data quality assessments. They meticulously verify the data sources, identify inconsistencies or anomalies, and employ data-cleansing techniques to ensure that the information is accurate, reliable, and consistent. 

Complex Products and Services

Data services can be complex and technical, making it difficult for customers to understand and use them. This can lead to customer confusion, frustration, and missed opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

yoummday can provide skilled agents specialising in translating complex technical concepts into clear and understandable language. They can offer personalised consultations, guide customers through the intricacies of data services, answer questions, and offer insights on leveraging the best solutions.


Data Annotation Specialists

CX teams proficiently annotate data, adding nuanced context and detail to enhance AI model comprehension and accuracy.

AI Training Support Agents

CX experts assist in training AI models by providing feedback, refining algorithms, and ensuring alignment with customer expectations for superior AI performance.

Data Labeling Consultants

Leveraging their expertise, CX professionals meticulously label diverse data types to optimize AI training, facilitating precise pattern recognition and predictive capabilities.