End-to-End solution
for virtual contact centers

Through our platform approach both clients and contact center professionals from all over the world obtain unparalleled access to each other.Our platform offers all it needs to establish a virtual contact center.

  • Web based application covering all required telephony, front- and back-end functions to run a contact center.
  • Thousands of contact center professionals covering > 25 languages as well as local dialects to handle your contacts, making this service available at your fingertips.
  • Pay for productive time only and benefit from unparalled flexibility at unbeatable costs.
  • Yoummday talents offer exactly the skillsets you need and in return receive the lion share of your usage costs.
  • Yoummday talents work from their own offices at times that suit them best, don‘t need to commute and are uniquely motivated.
  • Companies can either set up their virtual contact center themselves or avail of Yoummday‘s Managed Services.

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The Yoummday market place concept drives completely different dynamics than traditional home office work

Whilst Yoummday talents also work from home, there are a number of basic differences between the Yoummday market place concept and other work from home solutions. The market place allows a multitude of players on both sides, who can connect to each other and reach service agreements. Both on the supply and on the demand side, there are individuals and companies offering or searching for services. Among those, there are also smaller and larger physical or virtual contact centers, either looking for resources or for contracts. As a result, prices vary largely as do all the other terms the parties agree to. This also reflects the immense flexibility a market place incorporates.

That said the biggest difference in the actual provision of the services is the efficiency. The concept cuts out so many costs that it allows professional agents to generate an income far above the typical agent salary. Simultaneously the concept leads to service costs significantly below those of the traditional bricks and mortar contact centers. This again leads to so far unkown quantity, motivation and skill of available talent on the platform. Whether it is languages, dialects, experience, working hours or qualification, the platform offers the right people and quantity for nearly every demand.

Migration to Yoummday

Use Case: Online Lead Qualification

Nowadays it is perfectly possible to obtain a master degree via distance learning. Similarly, through modern communication technology, work from home agents can be trained for complex contact center tasks. In fact, the training of Yoummday talents regularly takes even less time and effort than training traditional contact center employees. The reason is, that properly selected Yoummday talents are already equipped with neccessary soft skills and many of the expert skills to handle contacts professionally.

A great example is the work many Yoummday talents do in terms of online lead qualification, today. Turning potential buyers into actual buyers is the most valuable skill in any acquisition process. Traditionally, countless staff in specialized retail stores had this task. Nowadays however, most consumers draw their information and inspiration from web pages rather than visiting stores. Particularly for investments above several hundred dollars, a human touch point — right after the consumer has shown interest on the web — is a highly lucrative investment.

Ideally, it takes only several minutes until a potential buyer, who has left his contact details, receives a phone call to validate and define his concrete interest. In most cases the consumers gladly accepts advice as to what the next steps will be to receive one or more offers exactly addressing his needs.
These conversations with potential buyers require consultants on the phone with the right level of empathy and knowledge. Here is where the Yoummday platform plays to it‘s biggest strength: The immense pool of talents. Yoummday clients select exactly those talents who already possess the relevant experience and expert skills. All benchmarks have shown that staff in classical contact centers cannot compete with expert freelancers working from home, focussing solely on providing the best consultancy to the customer.

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