A radically better way to set up and run
Contact Centers

Join other industry-leading organizations pushing boundaries and creating outstanding customer experiences with yoummday.

yoummday combines outstanding CX agents with innovative contact center software

Whether you want to configure your customer service system on your own or need support with global customer service and sales operations, yoummday is the solution – and your partner.
  • Outsource your inbound customer service
  • Assist your outbound sales team
  • Outsource your digital correspondence 
  • Launch campaigns or surveys
  • Enter and manage customer data 
  • Cushion demand peaks reliably 
  • ...and much more
35000 talents

35000 talents

Over 35,000 CX agents are registered at yoummday. We call them talents. Our talents work from home in various countries, contributing a wide range of skills and languages to our talent pool. From this pool, you can recruit talents who match your requirements. 
yoummday’s technology

yoummday’s technology

At yoummday, we’ve combined our talent pool with innovative contact center software so you can manage virtual project teams on our platform – from roster planning to quality management and even the telephony solution. And our multiply redundant infrastructure guarantees the utmost in reliability.

A radically better way to...

  • Greater scalability and flexibility
    Whether you want to set up global teams, run short-term projects, or react to volume fluctuations on the fly, yoummday always provides just what you need – when you need it. 
  • Higher quality
    Thanks to project-talent matching, at yoummday you can find exactly the right talents for your tasks. The talents earn much more through the yoummday platform than in a conventional contact centre, so they’re better qualified and more motivated. 
  • Increased security and reliability
    We’ve been taking remote work to a completely different level since 2016, especially with our proprietary software that enables GDPR-compliant work from home worldwide.
  • Improved cost-effectiveness
    With yoummday’s platform model, you can dispense with expensive facilities. And we offer competitive prices with transparent, performance-based billing.


  • yoummday is an integrated solution for setting up a virtual contact centre.

    The platform provides a wide range of functionality for configuring and managing a remote team and enables easy access to more than 35,000 freelance customer service agents worldwide –our talents.

  • Access to talents who are available at short notice enables a very lean and fast recruiting process. So smaller projects can be launched in a matter of days.

  • Yes. With our “In-house agents” (Inhouse Agenten) functionality, you can include your own employees in your teams. They will not be visible to other yoummday clients.

  • In principle, you can implement any form of customer communication with yoummday. Inbound, outbound, service or sales: you can find the right talents for any task in the yoummday talent pool. yoummday serves clients from a variety of sectors (telecoms, energy suppliers, retailing and e-commerce, tourism, and many others) with a wide range of language needs (more than 40 languages).

  • Our self-service product is at your disposal for projects with less than 15 FTE. All you need to do is register for access, create your project, and post it in our marketplace for our talents. You manage the project yourself using our comprehensive software solution including workforce management, monitoring and quality management.

    For 15 or more FTE, we also offer you our fully managed service in which we handle all project and team management activities for you. With this product, you work with our operations team within the framework of a service provider contract with a corresponding SLA; the team handles all aspects of the project’s management.

  • Yes! Our Workforce Management model is based on attractive incentives, competition and performance, not on compulsion and precarious employment. For one thing, our talents can earn much more than at a physical contact centre, and for another we refer them to projects that are a good fit to their skills profiles. In return we expect performance and customer focus. With our managed service, we make use of our years of experience in remote team management, which enables us to assemble teams that are capable, committed and reliable.

  • With yoummday, you only pay for time actually worked by the talents. You don’t pay for unproductive time, such as time the talents spend on hold, on breaks, or while processing tickets, chats or e-mails. And since there are no other costs for project management and no minimum volume is usually required, your costs with yoummday are completely variable.

  • You only pay for the time productively spent by the talents, based on your choice of a price per productive minute or a ticket/event pricing model. There are no further costs for project management or for our software, and there is generally no minimum volume obligation.

    We’ll be pleased to draw up a managed services offer tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us

  • Calls are forwarded to the yoummday platform through a reserved main phone number; this is a prerequisite for use of the platform and full access to all of its functionality. You also have the option of connecting the talents to your internal systems via a web-based interface or VPNs. We’ll be happy to help you with the configuration.

  • Yes. Our model is in full compliance with GDPR in Germany, Europe and even when using talents from non-EU countries.

  • Our platform and all of the data processed on it are on servers in the EU. Our software was developed completely in-house, giving us full transparency and complete control over all processes. Instead of working with big cloud providers, we work with specialised data centre operators whose locations and facilities are all known to us.

  • Bei der Zusammenarbeit mit den Talenten gelten unsere Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen für Talente. Im Managed Service gelten darüber hinaus unsere Allgemeinem Geschäftsbedingungen für Kunden bzw. davon abweichende Fully-Managed Serviceverträge. Vor jedem Projektstart unterzeichnet das Talent einen Vertrag zur Auftragsverarbeitung. Sollte das Talent seinen Geschäftssitz nicht in der EU haben werden die Standardvertragsklauseln 2021/914 im Modul 3 zur Übermittelung von Auftragsverarbeiter zu Auftragsverarbeiter abgeschlossen.

  • That is strongly dependent on the complexity of the projects and the availability of the talents.

  • Talents from more than 120 countries are registered on the yoummday platform, and they speak more than 40 languages. New talents are added every week.

  • Talents with a wide range of work experience are registered on the yoummday platform. Many of them have previous contact centre or customer service experience. Whether you need emphatic service staff, ambitious sales specialists or highly qualified experts, with our extensive filtering options you’ll be able to find talents who are a perfect fit with your needs.

  • Talent recruiting takes place in 2 steps. Initial onboarding for the platform is always done by the yoummday talent team. After successful registration with their basic details, new talents are invited to a video onboarding interview where our team gets acquainted with them, verifies that they have the required technical and office infrastructure, and makes an initial assessment of them. The second step is project recruiting, in which we (managed service) or you (self-service) select and recruit talents for specific projects. This process can be organised flexibly to meet specific client and project requirements.

  • Our talents average 4 to 6 hours of work per working day, but this varies depending on their availability and the client’s requirements.

  • The yoummday talents can cover all of the channels you use for contact with your customers: telephony, e-mail, chat, social media. Telephony can be managed directly through our vACD in yoummday’s telephony module, or it can run through your system. For all other channels, our talents usually work on your systems, connected through a VPN or similar arrangement.

  • In managed service, we take care of all project management, and with it the quality management. Our experienced and motivated operations team is at your disposal; it translates your requirements into a quality management plan. It applies our technical solutions to implement the plan in everyday project use.

    In self-service, project management is your responsibility. You have access to the same tools used by our operations team in managed service.

  • In managed service, we take care of all project management, and with it the workforce management. Based on your volume forecast, our operations team will draw up a capacity plan to make sure your needs are met in accordance with the agreed KPIs.

    In self-service, you are responsible for project management and thus also for workforce management, including shift scheduling and team management. For all of this, you have access to the same tools used by our operations team for managed service.