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We also do things differently when it comes to pricing

Prices from 0,17 EUR/min

20-25% lower call center costs

  • No licence fees for using the platform
  • No hardware costs
  • No office costs
  • 100% variable costs

Only pay for productive time

  • Only pay for the minutes talents are actually working or per event
  • Free recruitment
  • Motivated agents
  • No minimum order or obligations

Scale up or down fast

  • Immediate access to our global talent pool
  • Scale up or down within hours
  • Cover peak demand times with CX professionals

yoummday was founded to answer one question:

How can companies pay less for their call centre and call centre agents can be paid more all at the same time?

yoummday optimises the outsourcing process so that you can save 20-25% on your call centre operations, whilst still attracting higher quality agents thanks to their enhanced remuneration.

See how you can save with yoummday!

Pay per productive minute

Call center agent

With yoummday’s innovative pricing model, you only pay for the time the talents are actively working on your project. Don’t pay for waiting times or other personal breaks. Variable pricing motivates our agents to focus and optimise their performance - and their remuneration. The result:

  • increased productivity and

  • lower costs for your call center

Tailor-made costs

Full flexibility and control for your all of you call centre projects:

  • 100% variable costs

  • Free recruitment

  • No office costs

  • Only use as many agents as you need right now.

  • Scale your project up or down without obligation or minimum purchase volumes.

Call Center Marketplace Model

Save money with the CX marketplace model

Studies show that by using a customer experience marketplace model you can save significantly more than through traditional outsourcing.