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The Answer To The Recruitment Issues In Energy Companies

In this blog post, the challenges faced by utility and energy companies in hiring customer service teams are explored. The yoummday platform is presented as a solution, offering access to experienced representatives working from home, addressing staffing needs without complex outsourcing contracts.

14 February 2024
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The Travel Industry Needs A Flexible Solution For Customer Experience

In this blog post, we explore how the travel industry, facing staffing shortages and heightened demand, can overcome customer service challenges through the yoummday platform.

7 February 2024

Launching An Outsourced Support Team In Just 72 Hours

How yoummday helped Express Group to align a peak in customer demand with recruiting and managing CX agents.

6 February 2024
Case Studies

Webinar: Scaling Success: A Case Study on Amann Girrbach's Growth Strategy

Watch this power-packed webinar with Amann Girrbach about the strategies they used to help them penetrate new markets in 2023. Take away proven insights to grow your brand in 2024 as Peter Ryan of Ryan Strategic Advisory talks with transformation leader, Karsten Eichenhofer.

29 January 2024

How Companies Can Immediately Boost ESG Credentials By Thinking Carefully About Their CX or BPO Partner

The blog emphasises the growing significance of ESG in the customer experience and BPO relationship, highlighting its impact on customer preferences, employee attraction, investor decisions, and regulatory compliance, emphasising that companies must prioritise ESG considerations when selecting partners to ensure long-term success and sustainability.

31 January 2024

How Can AI Be Used To Improve The Customer Experience?

The blog post underscores the focus on leveraging AI to optimize the efficiency of customer service agents. Emphasizing that yoummday's "AI Assist" is not a future promise but a current production system, the post highlights its immediate benefits for agents and its role in ensuring a superior customer experience.

25 January 2024

CX Is Now Essential For Utilities That Want To Retain Customers

In the evolving landscape of liberalized energy markets, utility companies are grappling with heightened customer expectations. The yoummday platform provides a superior solution by offering experienced and flexible customer service representatives, addressing recruitment challenges and ensuring swift resolution in a competitive environment where meeting customer demands is crucial.

18 January 2024

In A Travel Emergency You Need Customer Service Flexibility

The travel industry grapples with ongoing challenges, such as weather disruptions and staff shortages. Proactive customer interaction is crucial during crises, and yoummday's flexible customer service solution provides a remote pool of trained experts to efficiently handle increased demand, offering a timely and effective response compared to traditional contact centers.

17 January 2024

Press Release: yoummday Welcomes Elaine O’Toole to its Advisory Board

yoummday, a Munich-based technology innovator, is pleased to announce Elaine O’Toole's appointment to its advisory board, marking a significant stride forward in its global expansion efforts.

12 December 2023