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Online Travel Companies Need To Reform Their Approach To CX

In the online travel industry, customer satisfaction is often overshadowed by hefty marketing budgets. This article advocates for shifting this focus, emphasizing the importance of improved customer service for achieving long-term success.

28 July 2023

How Energy Providers Can Boost Resilience And Digital CX

With skyrocketing energy prices and heightened customer dissatisfaction, a recent McKinsey Report identified three major obstacles to change and proposed three viable approaches to bring about meaningful transformations.

12 June 2023

Innovator or Giant: Why Bigger Isn't Better in the BPO World

Customer service giants merge more and more, which impacts the BPO industry, and we think this also has implications for the customer experience. Are larger companies able to deliver high quality, personalised service?

17 May 2023

Webinar: How to Build Your Ideal Sales or Support Team in <40 Days 

In today's competitive business landscape, delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) is paramount. Watch our EMEA All Access webinar as we delve into key strategies that can revolutionise approaches to CX outsourcing.

16 May 2023

Is Your Business Seizing The Moment To Build Resiliency?

Business interruption insurance, a popular fallback for companies, has proven to be inadequate in most cases (think global pandemic). This blog post highlights how McKinsey and Deloitte, in their respective studies, are promoting a broader resilience agenda.

5 May 2023

The Endless Hiring Cycle of Contact Centres

The contact centre industry faces a revolving door of attrition, driven by factors from stress to inadequate pay. However, a new wave of empowerment and flexibility in the sector is showing promise. Dive in to see how a fresh approach is changing the landscape, bringing benefits for both employees and clients.

31 March 2023

24/7 Inbound Customer Care

How yoummday helped an international airline to build a fully flexible and scalable outsourced customer service solution to quickly respond to spikes in call volumes.

28 March 2023
Case Studies

CX Passport: The one with the Uber of BPOs - E19

In this Episode of CX Passport, our Chief Growth Officer Claas van Delden talks about how customers & employees experience transformation in the BPO sector. You will learn how yoummday connects talents directly with clients through our tech platform. Which allows our clients to save costs and offer better compensation to talents and lower prices to clients.

21 March 2023

Regulation of Platform Work in the EU - Panel Discussion

Klaus Harisch, co-founder of yoummday, participated in a panel discussion to examine the topic of the potential regulation of platform work in the EU. He shared his insights on striking a balance between preserving the freedom and flexibility of platform workers while also upholding minimum wage standards.

13 March 2023

The Key to Unlocking Enhanced CX Resilience

In a post-pandemic world, the need for resilient customer service models is paramount. Traditional approaches falter under pressure, as recent crises revealed. Here's how yoummday's innovative, geographically-independent model ensures businesses remain agile and adaptive in unpredictable times.

2 March 2023

Who Is Moderating The Content Moderators?

Recent controversy surrounding the treatment of content moderation teams in Bolivia heightens the need for a new approach to outsourcing, one that is more human-centric and empowers agents, without exploiting them.

21 February 2023

Kick-Start Your ESG Aspirations In 2023 - with yoummday

ESG standards are a crucial health metric for every brand, here’s how outsourcing with yoummday will help you reach your ESG objectives.

14 February 2023

A Decentralised Work Environment Is Healthier And More Productive

yoummday’s decentralised approach to outsourcing is a gamechanger for brands and offers a host of benefits over and above a traditional call centre.

7 February 2023

CX Acquisition and Expansion in Europe

Global CX influencers Peter Ryan and Mark Hillary invited yoummday’s Chief Growth Officer, Claas van Delden, to discuss the recent acquisition of Prague-based BPO ICON Communication Centres and what it means for the growth of yoummday beyond Germany.

31 January 2023