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How Do Customer Service Managers Prepare For Peak Periods Like Black Friday?

Customer service teams face both predictable and unpredictable peak periods, making traditional planning and temporary hiring challenging. The yoummday platform provides a scalable solution by allowing quick mobilisation of trained talent, ensuring flexibility and efficiency during peak times.

3 June 2024

The ‘AirBNB of Call Centers’

Listen to this podcast, in which Darek Gallimore from Outsource Accelerator speaks to our Chief Growth Officer, Claas van Delden, about the yoummday model, the experience of managing a freelancer workforce, and perspectives on the current AI revolution. 

3 May 2024
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Are You Measuring Your Contact Center Performance Or What Really Matters For Your Business?

The post argues against traditional customer service metrics like AHT and FCR, advocating instead for measures tied to customer experience and business outcomes. It suggests a shift towards outcome-based pricing models, exemplified by yoummday, which focuses on delivering excellent customer service aligned with strategic objectives.

26 April 2024
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Precision Labeling for AI Success: The Data Annotation Advantage

The blog discusses how data annotation transforms chatbots into dynamic communication tools, bridging the gap in conversational AI. It covers techniques, applications, best practices, and future trends, emphasizing data annotation's crucial role in AI development.

18 April 2024
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DAC7 Compliance Made Easy: Best Practices for Customer Communication (A CX Focus)

As e-commerce platforms navigate DAC7 compliance, clear communication is vital. This post explores DAC7 from a CX perspective, focusing on effective communication strategies and the benefits of outsourcing compliance tasks to partners like yoummday, who offer expertise and cultural alignment for streamlined efforts.

16 April 2024

From Compliance to Customer Trust: The Role of CX Teams in Ensuring Accountability under the DSA

In this blog post, we'll explore how Customer Experience (CX) teams can play a pivotal role in transitioning from mere compliance to fostering customer trust under the DSA.

16 April 2024
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Protecting Users in the Digital Age: CX Strategies Under the EU's Digital Services Act

In response to the EU's Digital Services Act (DSA) and the growing need for enhanced user protection online, businesses are grappling with new compliance demands. yoummday offers tailored solutions, leveraging a global workforce and cultural expertise, to help CX professionals align with the DSA's mandates while maintaining exceptional user experiences, ensuring compliance without compromising quality or agility.

16 April 2024
The picture shows the acronym DSA in the European flag

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape: How the EU's Digital Services Act Will Impact CX Work

The EU's Digital Services Act (DSA) is reshaping online regulations, demanding businesses ensure compliance while delivering excellent customer experiences. yoummdaу offers tailored solutions and expertise to help businesses navigate DSA compliance while providing exceptional customer experiences.

16 April 2024
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New Work Provider yoummday raises £30 million 

Podcast: In the afternoon episode, Startup Insider speaks with Pablo Harisch, Co-Founder and CBO of yoummday, about the £30 million growth financing into their marketplace for freelance customer service talents. 

21 February 2022