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Your virtual contact centre

Call center platform

With the yoummday platform you get everything you need to outsource your customer communication (inbound and outbound) through an innovative contact centre software solution and access to a global talent pool. Benefit from our software solution where all features, from talent acquisition and shift scheduling to telephony, quality control, and billing, are seamlessly integrated.

Talent Pool & Recruiting

yoummday call center talent pool

Post your project on yoummday or search for the right talents in our global talent pool. Whether you need support in lead generation, customer service, or technical support, you’ll find the skills and experience that you’re looking for!

Workforce Management

Analyze call center statistics

With yoummday, you can guarantee high quality customer service interactions.

  • Easy shift-planning

  • Silent monitoring

  • Vital KPIs in real time

  • Respond to unexpected demand peaks with push notifications

  • Simple statistical evaluation

Only pay for productive time

AI Quality Management

AI Assistant Call Center

Create conversation guidelines that support your talents and enhance the adherence to them with artificial intelligence. All calls are recorded and available for real-time analysis. AI-based emotion recognition gauges call sentiment and keeps postive interactions on track. Automatically created transcripts simplify post call evaluation for ongoing training and development.

Security & Data Protection

Security and privacy policy certificates

Every yoummday talent has their identity and work address confirmed during a face-to-face video call.

  • Talent identification is confirmed with photo ID

  • Verification of their home office location.

  • Additional authentication with VPNs, CITRIX, and other leading security solutions.

Secure Infrastructure

Redundant systems

Our technical infrastructure has multiple redundancies and is designed for maximum flexibility, up-time, and security.

  • Synchronisation of critical systems and databases happens across 3 separate physical locations

  • Connections between agents and customers are secured via proxies and VPNs

  • Telephony, network, sip and trunk providers

  • Intelligent monitoring and control systems