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8 Tips for the Perfect Sales Pitch

As an international platform for customer service, at yoummday, we value perfection above all else. Professional communication over the phone is highly complex and requires talent, experience and instinct. Here, you will learn what makes the perfect sales pitch for us!

31 January 2024
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Stressed customer service agent working from home

Stress Relief in Customer Service: Which Stress Type Are You?

Despite all the advantages that working as a freelance customer service agent offers you, like any job, it can be stressful sometimes! That’s why it’s important to know how you react to stress and what you can do to stay relaxed and balanced in the long run. Find out which stress type you are and which anti-stress methods suit you and benefit you!

9 January 2024
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Are You Ready for yoummday? 5 Traits You Should Have as a Freelancer!

Flexible, self-determined, independent: Being a freelancer has many advantages – especially as a customer service agent! Because as a freelancer, you only work for yourself! This means: Only you decide which projects to take on and when and how long you work. And the best thing is: Every project you take on and every minute you worked directly pays off financially! In this article, you will find out if you have what it takes to be a freelancer and which advantages working at yoummday holds for you!

1 November 2023

Home or Office? How You Succeed in Separating Work and Free Time at Home

Working from home offers many advantages – but of course, it also has its challenges. Separating your job from your private life, work from free time, is, at least spatially, not as straightforward as in a workplace where attendance is mandatory. With these four tips, you will succeed to draw the line between your job and personal life, even when working from home.

31 March 2023

Work Out, Eat Clean: How to Stay Fit and Healthy While Working From Home

Working at your desk and still exercising regularly and eating a mindful and balanced diet? In many traditional office jobs, that isn’t easy to do. The daily commute to work is time and energy consuming and not every work place offers diverse culinary options for lunch time and breaks. People working from home definitely have an advantage here, since you can incorporate exercise and a healthy diet into your daily life much easier at home than at a traditional office job. It also reduces the risk of infection – not just during the pandemic.

25 January 2023

New Year, New Work: 10 New Year's resolutions that will improve your work life

Going to the gym five times a week, a strict diet or giving up all the little vices at once? We often take on far too much at the beginning of the year - and are disappointed when everyday life creeps back in after just a few weeks. That’s why it is better to set goals that can really be integrated into your existing daily structure. In many cases, this is easier and more efficient than a radical new start - especially in the long term. With these 10 tips, you can create real added value for your daily work routine!

27 December 2022
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Earning money from home – and saving! These are the financial advantages you get when working from home!

How working from home saves money

You don’t just earn money when working from home – you also save a lot. Especially compared to a traditional office job with attendance and a commute. Even the daily commute is a pitfall in terms of costs. Here you’ll learn what financial advantages working from home offers and how you can use them efficiently!

9 September 2022

Ready for Workation: How to Successfully Work from Somewhere Else

You want to escape the daily grind and enjoy a little holiday feeling without taking a break from work? Maybe a workation is the right thing for you! If you simply move your home office somewhere else for a while, you’ll keep working productively and still have time for variety and new impressions in your free time.

17 August 2022
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Which Type of Communicator Are You?

The types of communication in good customer service are very diverse and technological development has played its part. But not everyone likes all those options the same – most of us have clear strengths or preferences in this regard. At yoummday, you will always find the right project for you – no matter if you like to communicate by phone, email or live chat!

16 August 2022
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