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In our talent community, you'll find like-minded individuals who have recognized the benefits of a new, more self-determined working world. Connect with other freelancers from your country. If you ever have questions or concerns, our Talent Support Team is always ready to help. Stay informed about news related to the yoummday youniverse through regular events (both online and offline).

yoummday as a lifestyle

Many of our talents not only bring industry experience but also specialize in their field, having worked in other positions.

From Germany to Mallorca

Carlo worked for many years as a Sales Manager in a telecommunications company. To improve his work-life balance, he recently moved to Mallorca. As a yoummday talent, he now supports clients from there in lead generation.

Your Team

Even if you work alone in your home office, you are not alone – together we are strong. Your team consists of several talents and a team lead. The team lead and the entire team are always available personally to answer your questions, ensuring that you can fulfill your assignment to the best of your ability and optimize your earnings.
Through regular virtual meetings, you stay informed about project updates and have the opportunity to connect with other talents, exchanging experiences.

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Talent Tour

We visit various cities around the globe to experience our talent community up close, build personal relationships, and put our mission into action – creating the best possible working conditions for everyone. The Talent Tour is a celebration of shared learning, growth, and collaboration.

Talent Summit

The yoummday Talent Summit is a virtual event that provides talents from around the world the opportunity to connect, celebrate successes together, expand their knowledge, grow together, and have fun. Coming together over virtual channels, interacting, and inspiring one another.

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Talent Support - always there for you

Whether you need support before or after your onboarding, we are here for you anytime. In our webinars, you get to know us personally, and we provide all the information you need for a successful start as a yoummday talent. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact our Talent Support. We are always striving to respond to you as quickly as possible. Additionally, we offer you a professional and free training to prepare you thoroughly for your project work and deepen your knowledge. This way, you can start your project well-prepared.