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Our Mission

We are convinced that excellent customer service is crucial for the success of businesses. Contact centers often face limitations with their structures, being inflexible, expensive, and insufficiently customer- and service-oriented.
yoummday is a true game-changer. We revolutionize the entire industry from the ground up. With intelligent technology that helps businesses manage their contact centers flexibly and cost-effectively, elevating the quality of their customer service to a new level.

Work different

At our company, YOU and your talent take center stage. Because the satisfaction of end customers and, consequently, the success of our clients depend on you, the talents. That's why you work as a freelancer from home and receive fair compensation. This approach is designed for a better work-life balance, increased motivation, and an unparalleled customer experience.

Our Values


We dare to be different. We make decisions and stand by them. Because only those who are courageous can revolutionize an entire industry.


We accept people as they are. We value, preserve, and nurture their individuality.


We pursue goals in our actions that are socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable.

yoummday in Numbers


Founded in Munich


Clients from startups to DAX

90+ Mio

Million minutes phone calls

1,5 Jahre

Average Project Tenure


Languages of Our Talents


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5 Locations Across Europe

Our Talents

Call center agents? We call you talents, and we have great reasons for it. Our talents bring an average of 5+ years of customer service experience and operate in 25+ industries (e.g., eCommerce, Telco, IT, Transport). They reside in 58 countries worldwide and often speak over 3 languages.
Our 15,000+ talents work globally from home - wherever they want and on projects of their choosing. Register now and join us in creating exceptional customer experiences!

Our Founders and C-level

The key success factor for yoummday is the team. After Klaus Harisch founded the company in 2016 with his sons Lion and Pablo, the team has continually grown. The family team is now also supported by Claas van Delden (CGO) and Frank Moser (CFO).