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About yoummday

How does yoummday work?
Am I employed?
Do I need to be self-employed?
Where can I work from?
What requirements do I have to meet?
What kind of projects are there?


How does the registration work?
Which documents do I have to upload and why?
What does onboarding mean and how does it work?
What do I need for my onboarding?
Where can I find my tax number?
Why is my profile important?

Working with yoummday

How do I receive job offers?
What is the best way to apply?
When can I get started?
What do I do if I've forgotten my password?


What can I earn?
How and when is the payout made?
What do I do if my payment is delayed?
I haven't received any money. What now?

Service hours

Are there fixed service hours?
Can I work on several projects at once?
Why do I need to schedule my shifts?
What happens if I cannot keep my shift?

Address verification

How should I proceed if my billing address changes?
How should I proceed if my working address changes?
What happens if my billing or working address changes from an EU country to a non EU country?
May a change of address result in my project being paused?