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Top Pay For Top Performance

With yoummday, you earn more than the average in the contact center industry in your country. Additionally, you can view your monthly revenue at any time – and you can rely on us: we always pay. And always on time.

Why do you earn better as a freelancer at yoummday?

Through our innovative model, you can work as a talent in the home office. This allows us to save some costs, such as expensive offices and furniture. We pass on this advantage to you - with better compensation than traditional call centers.

Generate a revenue of:

7 hours a day

4 days per week

up to 2,016€ per month*

*The provided figures are approximate, as the conditions may vary from project to project.

How is your income calculated?

Each project is remunerated differently, with actual payment dependent on your active working minutes. Compensation is agreed upon firmly during the application process. Your earnings are based on the complexity of the project, the number of hours worked per week, and the local wage levels at local call centers. Typically, the rate ranges from €0.20/min to €0.45/min.

This is how you get your revenue

We always pay out on the 18th of the following month - punctually, without any ifs or buts. The billing period covers the entire preceding month. We transfer the compensation to your account - worldwide. And you receive the money on your account promptly every month.

Example monthly earnings

Anton, an aspiring talent, dedicates 20 hours of his time every week to the lead generation project at yoummday. Through his dedicated work and expertise, he significantly contributes to the project's success. In addition to his per-minute compensation of 35 cents, which provides him with a monthly income of over 1400 euros, Anton takes advantage of the opportunity to further increase his earnings through additional commissions. Thanks to his outstanding performance, he was able to earn an additional 800 euros, bringing his monthly payout to over 2400 euros.

Referral & Bonus for Active Talents

Sharing pays off: Secure a joint 200 EUR bonus. For every successful referral, we'll gift you 150 EUR directly into your yoummday account. And the best part: Your referral also receives a 50 EUR welcome bonus. Find the referral link in your Talent Account.

1. Share

Recommend yoummday to friends and acquaintances by sharing your personal link with them.

2. Start

Your referred talent has registered through your link and generated 500€ in revenue.

3. Celebrate

You did it! You will receive 150€, and your referral will get 50€ directly into your yoummday accounts.