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7 Tips for More Efficiency While Working From Home

Studies show: Working from home is at least as effective as in the office. Plus it saves time, reduces stress and increases satisfaction during every day work life – especially if it’s structured deliberately. If you keep the following things in mind, your workday at home will be even more efficient – and in the end, you’ll have more time for yourself!

9 August 2022
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Less stress through efficient home office habits

Less stress at work – despite Covid! Working from home has positive effects on the satisfaction and workload of employees. This is the result of a survey of 7,000 employees conducted by the research institutes IGES and Forsa on behalf of the German health insurance fund for employees, DAK, before and during the pandemic. While before the crisis, 21 percent of respondents regularly felt stressed, thanks to more flexible regulations for working from home, it has gone down to only 15 percent now. 56 percent of respondents that regularly work from home even stated that they are more productive at home than at the office. The reasons for this are often less distraction, more flexibility when it comes to time management and more time and less stress due to long commutes and rush hour traffic.

Increase your home office efficiency with these 7 tips

But working from home also poses challenges: First and foremost, well-defined time management and the consistent separation of work and free time. The following tips will help you stay focused during work even when you’re at home – and to make the most of your time off!

Tip 1 - Start your day right!

Start your day with a ritual that makes you feel good and that prepares you for your tasks on that day. This can be a yoga session or a workout, a cup of tea or a glimpse at the newspaper. No matter if it’s breakfast or early-morning exercise – as long as it’s something you can look forward to when you wake up. This way, you start your day with a good feeling and recharge your batteries for your productive hours.

Tip 2 - Get ready!

Don’t be tempted to sit down at your desk in your PJs, but make it a priority to dress appropriately, even when working from home! It’s best to get ready just like you would if you went to the office. The right outfit doesn’t just get you ready for the day, but it also creates a professional atmosphere while working and helps you stay focused.

Tip 3 - Work mode on!

Set up a permanent workspace at home where you can work alone and undisturbed. Furthermore, determine distinct working hours and stick to them. It’s best to make use of the times you are most productive anyway. At yoummday, you are absolutely free to choose your working hours and enter them into a binding shift schedule. This way, you stay flexible in planning and still create a structure for yourself.

Tip 4 - Stay tuned

As soon as you start working: Don’t get distracted! This is often easier said than done, especially when working from home. That’s why you should turn off your private devices during your working time and ask your family, friends and housemates not to disturb you during that time. This way, you don’t only stay focused on your work, but you are always available for your business contacts. For this purpose, you should set up one or more communication channels that work for you. No matter if it’s email, chat, calls or video calls – as long as you keep your communication efficient and you can be contacted easily.

Tip 5 - Take a break!

Breaks are important – even when working from home! The temptation to run a few quick errands or take care of some household chores during your lunch break is particularly strong there. Instead, purposely take time for yourself. Best would be one full hour around noon. Eat something healthy, take a quick walk or simply relax. Anything, as long as you take a moment to breathe, calm down and refuel!

Tip 6 - Back to work!

Even the most relaxing break will come to an end. But the way back to your desk is easier if you reward yourself after a particularly productive phase during working hours – for example with a good cup of coffee or a task that you really like doing. It’s best to set realistic goals for the day before you start working and then mindfully check off each task. This will give you an additional boost! Make sure you have some variety, for example by regularly changing your sitting position and getting up between two tasks and moving a little.

It’s also important that your successes at work are acknowledged – by you and by others. Therefore, at yoummday, good performance is addressed in the form of positive feedback from project managers. In addition to that, you have the possibility to grow professionally through project training and advanced training.

Tip 7 - Slow down!

When your working time is coming to an end, look for a clear cut or a good point to stop and continue with the next day. After all, it’s important to end your working day feeling good. That’s the only way you can really unwind and enjoy your time off. Shut off all your work devices. Emails and calls can wait now. Start your free time mindfully, for example with a small ritual: Go for a run or a walk. Take a moment to calm down and breathe – with yoga, a cup of tea or by just closing your eyes for a moment and taking time to be by yourself. Just as long as you remember: The rest of the day is yours alone and you can spend it just the way it’s good for you.

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