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Call Center Freelancer: Turn Your Phone Skills Into Cash!

The trend in working is moving towards more flexibility and freedom – so working as a call center freelancer is just right. If you enjoy talking on the phone, you can earn some good money, and you will have a very communicative job.

22 June 2022
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Let’s look at what a call centre freelancer is and what special aspects go hand in hand with this activity. You will be particularly excited about working in a virtual office, which you can do flexibly at (almost) any location in the world.

What is a freelancer?

Ein Freelancer ist jemand, der selbstständig arbeitet und auf eigene Rechnung für Unternehmen verschiedene Arbeiten und Projekte durchführt. Du kannst dir einen Freelancer als freien Mitarbeiter vorstellen.

Die Projekte können dabei in allen Branchen und Arbeitsbereichen anfallen. Freelancer sorgen selbst für Versicherungen wie die Krankenversicherung und arbeiten nach eigenem Zeitplan für die Kunden, für die sie arbeiten wollen.

Advantages of being a freelancer

Various advantages make freelancing more and more popular. You are your own boss and don’t have to be subordinate to any bosses anymore. Perhaps it’s even more important and appealing how much flexibility working as a freelancer offers.

Usually, freelancers can choose their place of work themselves, as well as their work circumstances. This offers a lot of freedom and the chance to live a self-determined life. You choose if you want to work many hours or if you want to be more of a minimalist. Rigid time specifications are not used here.

Are there disadvantages to being a freelancer?

Needless to say, not all that glitters is gold. Working as a freelancer comes with some disadvantages. The exact disadvantages depend on what exactly you do. In the beginning, getting jobs can be really hard. For many freelancers, these initial difficulties are one of the reasons why they ultimately give up.

It’s also possible that the beginning is so hard, that you’ll end up working from a specific location after all. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to choose your freelance jobs carefully. Otherwise, there could quickly be unattractive results that are very demotivating.

At yoummday, we want to offer you a solution to these initial difficulties. As a call center freelancer at yoummday, you save yourself the trouble of having to find customers and avoid initial difficulties. Right after registering, you can get started and don’t have to spend time looking for customers.

We don’t require you to work from a specific location or to adhere to strict working hours. Save yourself the hassle of commuting and work from home – without having to go to a call centre. You can work for different customers and plan your own working hours. You will work on various projects so that you will never get bored.

You are your own boss as a freelancer

But at yoummday, we offer our talents an easier start. This eliminates demotivating beginning phases with lengthy searches for customers. Start earning money right away and decide if you see yourself in customer service or sales! We offer projects for any talent – from making phone calls to working in other languages.

However, the most important factor has to be that you will work when and from wherever you want. Flexibility is key for us, so you can enjoy as much freedom as possible as a call center freelancer. With this great flexibility and following your own time goals, you’ll gain more quality of life and work in a modern, relaxing way!

What do you need as a call center freelancer?

First of all, you don’t need much to start working with us as a call center freelancer. Motivation and the desire to work with us are basic requirements, of course. You have to consider some requirements regarding the technical equipment to be able to work properly, though.

Here’s what else you need to be successful as a new talent with us:

●      A stable internet connection

●      A computer with an up-to-date operating system

●      A room to work in, where you won’t be disturbed and with a screen that is not observable from the window

●      Wired accessories for the computer (mouse, keyboard, and headset)

Trouble-free work is important to us, so your computer should work reliably. Because of this, a stable internet connection is just as important for a call center freelancer as a working headset. For our customers, it’s important that you work in a room where you won’t be disturbed, since you work with sensitive customer data. A little caution is required here so that everyone involved feels safe.

As you can see, our call center freelancers don’t need that much to be included in our circle of talents soon.

4 steps to become a call center freelancer

We don’t want to waste your time – that’s why we kept it simple for you to start as a call center freelancer. There are only 4 steps to get you ready to work, and that will ensure you can get started without having to look for customers first:

Step 1: Registering

To get started, you register and then verify your email address. This is especially easy with our registration form.

Step 2: Creating your profile

Creating your profile is done quickly – after that, you can choose a time frame that suits you to chat with us via a 10-minute video call. During this, we will quickly check whether your spatial as well as the technical conditions fit our specifications. This way, we can get to know each other and set the right course for your work as a call center freelancer.

Step 3: Finding projects

Once we’ve given you the go-ahead, you can apply for projects that suit you. Customers can find you through the information on your profile as well. This will increase your chances to quickly start your first projects. 

Step 4: Starting work after a short training session

There is a quick training session at the start of each project to convey any particularities. You can start right after, working at times that suit you and still staying flexible doing so. You can always see your current sales and don’t have to spend a lot of time calculating your earnings or dealing with complicated invoices!

Conclusion: Working flexibly as a call center freelancer

We offer you as a call center freelancer the chance to experience a whole new way of working. Forget working at a mundane call center where you long for work to end, but work from all over the world.

You can choose the company you work for as well as your working hours, you stay flexible and don’t lose your freedom. Finally, the earning potential is excellent so that your work as a call center freelancer really pays off.

What are you waiting for? We are looking forward to your application!

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