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Talents on Vacation – Here’s How It Can Work

Going on vacation as a freelancer is unimaginable for some people. They’re way too afraid of missing out on important orders and having to compensate for this period of no income. But especially as a freelancer, it’s important to allow yourself a break. Otherwise, productivity can suffer rapidly, which has a huge impact on work performance. Furthermore, you shouldn’t overlook the benefits of it: No one interferes with your planning and you alone decide on the duration and time frame of your vacation.

Especially as a freelancer, it´s important to allow yourself a break - otherwise productivity can suffer rapidly
31 August 2021
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Surely, everyone has thought about this topic at some point: Going on vacation. Many freelancers don’t dare to out of fear, and that includes some of our self-employed yoummday talents. Yet, vacations enormously influence our mental and psychological health, something many underestimates and work the entire year. To show you how going on vacation can work even for freelancers, we have asked experienced talents from our community about this topic. The importance of vacations was rated with an average of 4 out of 5 points. This shows that this topic should be paid attention to under any circumstances – regardless of whether you are self-employed or not.

Only you decide – No directives when planning your vacations

When planning a vacation, there is no right or wrong. The talents we interviewed have confirmed this, who all do it individually. So no matter if you want to plan your vacations for the long or short term, it’s entirely up to you. Even choosing the time frames is 100% your decision. As a self-employed yoummday talent, you are not dependent on any coordination or permission, only you decide! You can make your decision based on your family, your children’s school vacations, the weather, the season or just pure whim, which is exactly the experience of the talents we interviewed. At the same time, there are no limits or directives when it comes to the duration. Our experienced talents take an average of 9.75 days of vacation a year, but even here there were no uniform results. Any amount between 0 and 20 days was mentioned. So it’s entirely up to you if you take time off and for how long.

Working on vacation or taking the whole time off?

As a talent at yoummday, you basically have 2 options:

On the one hand, you can treat yourself to all-out time off without even thinking about work. For this, simply enter your absence into your shift schedule and inform the project managers, if applicable. Since you’re self-employed, however, you don’t need a confirmation or permission. But this way, you can be sure that you’re off work during this time period in any case and that there will be no disruptions or problems. If you go all-out like this, a talent from our survey can only recommend this: “Turn off Teams and enjoy your vacation!”

On the other hand, yoummday gives you the opportunity to work during your vacation with its encompassing concept of working from home. The only requirements are your laptop and a properly set up workstation, according to one of the talents we interviewed. Simply add a new business address to your account, run the speed test and schedule a video call appointment for verification of your work space. Of course, you already have to be on site for this. The only important thing is that the room you’re in meets all the technical and spatial specifications that you can learn more about here. This way, you can work during your vacation and don’t have to fear pecuniary injury. However, this really only makes sense if you’re in this work space for a longer period of time or multiple times a year, for example at relatives’ houses or a holiday home. Still, you always have the option to add multiple business addresses.

Which of the two you choose is, of course, a matter of preference. There is no better or worse. There is no clear winner among the talents we interviewed, either, everyone prefers a different option. But don’t forget: It’s important to take a full-on break from work sometime during a year.

A freelancer’s biggest fear: Lack of income because of a vacation

If you chose an all-out break from work, as a self-employed person, this will often lead to financial worries due to the lack of payment, since at yoummday, you get paid per minute by your client. Among the interviewees, the main concern was how to cover the many expenses – especially if you have a family and children – despite the lack of income. Many also mentioned worrying about losing a project because of vacation time. Still, the interviewed talents spoke about how to deal with it and compensate for this time off. They said it was important to go full throttle after your vacation. One talent even said that she didn’t worry about her financial situation, because she simply worked the hours she wanted to take off in advance. And exactly that is the advantage of being a talent at yoummday: Since you’re free to make your own schedule, you can set your work hours so that a vacation day without any work will be possible. In addition to that, with a variety of projects on our platform, there is always one that suits you – even after a longer break. This way you can take a few full days off without being tormented by worries, even as a freelancer who doesn’t get paid vacation days.

Vacation as a freelancer – no problem at yoummday

As you can see, even as a self-employed talent at yoummday, it’s possible to go on vacation – even if you do a little work during it. But there’s nothing wrong with a few days of pure relaxation, either. Remember: “Only if you relax every once in a while, you can perform the way you or the client expects you to perform at work”, says a talent. Another talent among those we interviewed can only give this advice: “If you plan everything properly, work and vacation won’t be a problem. In order to be productive at work and stay mentally healthy, vacation and rest are important and good.”

You want to be able to plan your vacation as a freelancer securely and flexibly, take time off or work from vacation? At yoummday, all options are open to you. As a self-employed customer service agent, you benefit from 100% flexible scheduling and remote work. Simply register free of charge and without obligation at!

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