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New Year, New Work: 10 New Year's resolutions that will improve your work life

Going to the gym five times a week, a strict diet or giving up all the little vices at once? We often take on far too much at the beginning of the year - and are disappointed when everyday life creeps back in after just a few weeks. That’s why it is better to set goals that can really be integrated into your existing daily structure. In many cases, this is easier and more efficient than a radical new start - especially in the long term. With these 10 tips, you can create real added value for your daily work routine!

27 December 2022
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Who hasn't experienced it: We make all kinds of plans for the new calendar year and are fully motivated at the beginning of January to put our plans into action. But by the middle or end of the month, everyday life catches up with us again, and by February at the latest, we're back in the old routine. Most of the time the reason for that is, that we take on too much at once, set ourselves unrealistic goals, or approach things with too many expectations from the outset.

But there is another reason that many of us tend to overlook: Most classic good intentions fall into our free time or relate primarily to the private sphere: We resolve to go to the gym more regularly or cook for ourselves more often - all outside of our working hours. The result: At the latest when things get stressful at work again for the first time, there is suddenly no time left for healthy eating or regular exercise sessions.

That's why it can make sense to focus on your everyday work life first when making your good resolutions. Because if you are happy with your job and your work-life balance is in harmony, your well-being will increase by itself - and you will automatically have more time for everything else you have planned!

1. Arrange your working time flexible

Whether you're an early riser or like to start the day a little later, prefer to work out after work or need a round of yoga before you sit down at your desk: With flexible time management, you can organize your day according to your individual needs. So, if you set yourself the goal of becoming more flexible with your time at work, many problems in your everyday working life will solve themselves! Therefore, it's best to look for a work environment in which flexible working hours and time management are possible or, ideally, even actively encouraged! And so it is with yoummday. Here, you create your shift schedule 100% by yourself. This way, you can always decide for yourself when and how much you want to work!

2. Work from home as much as possible

For even more flexibility and self-determination in your job, look for a job that you can do at home, preferably 100 percent. Remote work saves you a lot of time and money in everyday life. After all, you won't be stuck in traffic jams or overcrowded subways twice a day, and you'll spend less on gas or tickets. At yoummday you work as an independent talent in customer service exclusively from home - without exception and guaranteed! This means you are no longer dependent on expensive cities or metropolitan areas, but can live wherever you want, and worldwide: Currently, our talents work in over 53 countries on five continents!

3. Separate professional and private life

In addition to the numerous advantages of working from home, there is also a challenge: namely, the clear demarcation between work and free time. You should therefore always make a conscious effort to strictly separate your professional and private life. For example, by defining your working hours precisely and communicating them clearly to the outside world, setting up your own workplace, and consistently distinguishing between private and professional channels and accounts. It's best to switch off all devices outside your working hours, on which your professional contacts can reach you. That way, you can automatically enjoy your free time more consciously and really relax during your rest periods. Here, you can find out what else you can do to separate your professional and private life and improve your work-life balance in the long term.

4. Motivate yourself - but do it right!

Lack of motivation is one of the main reasons for job dissatisfaction and, in serious cases, can even lead to illnesses such as depression or burnout. In this case, however, the solution is not simply "more motivation" - because that only increases the pressure and often has the opposite effect - but "better motivation": In order to maintain a positive attitude to work in the long term, it is not so important how much motivation you muster. More important is how you motivate yourself: Set realistic daily, weekly and monthly goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. It's not about big purchases or gifts, but about little things that sweeten your workday and give you new energy: For example, a good cup of coffee or tea, a short break, or a little yoga session in between. Also, at the end of each working day, do something that gives you pleasure. This could be a nice movie, a good meal or an evening with your family or friends.

5. Spend more time with family and friends

Especially if you work from home, it is important that you cultivate and maintain your social contacts in your free time. After all, we all need active exchange, stimulating conversations and enough time with people who mean something to us! A tip: Treat private appointments with the same priority as professional appointments! That way, you won't be tempted to be late for dinner with your family or to cancel a movie with friends at short notice.

6. Eat healthy food

A healthier or lower calorie diet is a classic good resolution. But it doesn't always have to be a complicated and strict diet. In most cases, it is sufficient to focus on a balanced diet in everyday life and to prepare and consume it consciously. This also means that you should plan enough breaks in your working day for a full, satisfying meal and, if necessary, small, healthy snacks.

7. Move your body!

"More exercise" is probably at the top of the list of New Year's resolutions. And that's a good thing. But here, too, it's important that you assess yourself and your daily structure correctly and don't overextend yourself. Are you passionate about sports anyway? Then make sure that you create enough time windows in your everyday life for it! It is rather difficult for you to motivate yourself and you are grateful for every excuse? Not every one of us has to be a sports fanatic. But a little exercise is good for all of us, gives us joy and energy, and gets our minds off things. So try to integrate small active phases into your workday: For example, a stretching session before work, a walk during your lunch break, or a bike ride after work!

8. Take enough breaks

No matter how strenuous your workday is, always make sure that you take enough breaks in which you can consciously switch off. Especially while working from home, the temptation is great to simply work through the day or to quickly do something around the house during the lunch break. Therefore, take time for yourself at least once every workday, preferably for a full hour at a time. Eat something healthy, go for a walk or simply relax. The main thing is to find a moment to take a deep breath, come down and recharge your batteries!

9. Invest in good equipment

Make sure that you always have the right "tools" at work. Functioning, high-quality tools and an attractive working environment increase motivation and boost productivity. If you work from home, the most important thing is a fast, stable and secure Internet connection and a fully functional computer with the necessary software. In addition, there are other tools that can support you in your daily work, such as a comfortable wired headset, an ergonomic wired mouse, a large screen with eye-friendly resolution, a mouse pad with wrist rest or a standing desk.

10. Take enough vacation

No matter how much or how much you like to work: Always make sure to take a reasonable number of days and weeks off throughout the year. Freelancers in particular often tend to take no or too few vacation days. After all, they are not entitled to paid vacation, overtime compensation or vacation pay and are often solely responsible for their professional success. But regular vacation is important to stay motivated and recharge your batteries in the long run. As an independent talent at yoummday, you are completely free to plan your vacation. Because here you create your shift plan yourself and thus also enter your days off independently. You alone decide when and how much vacation you take. You can find out what you should consider when planning your vacation here.

You want to put your good resolutions into practice in the new year to sustainably improve your work and private life? Then become an independent talent in customer service at yoummday! Because here you have all the freedom you need to work self-determined and flexible - when and where you want! Apply today for free and without obligation at!

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