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Keep Cool: 10 Tips For Your Home Office During Summertime!

Day-to-day work life in the sun: when temperatures rise, it can be a real struggle to sit down at your desk at home, because there, it can quickly get hot and uncomfortable. Not to mention all the summertime leisure activities that entice us to go outside. Here’s how to keep cool at home even in the hottest weather and make the most of the summer heat!

29 July 2022
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Admittedly, when temperatures hit 30 degrees and higher, most of us probably would prefer to be at the beach, by the lake or in a pool instead of working from home. Still, there are a few things to keep in mind to make working from home more pleasant even in high temperatures. These 10 tips show you how to stay cool at work when it’s hot outside and make the most of summer!

1. Work according to the “siesta principle”!

Even on the hottest days, there are a few cooler hours early in the morning and at night. Use them purposefully and productively – using the “siesta principle”: plan your workday to avoid the hottest hours! For example, start working early in the morning or as late as the evening, when the heat subsides. In the meantime, you can enjoy the weather, rest, or cool off: sit on the balcony, lay in the shade, or take a dip in the water – for example in an outdoor pool or a nearby river or lake. This way, you’ll be rested and well-adjusted when you sit down at your desk even in the summer heat, while others are already struggling with it at lunch time.

Obviously, the “siesta principle” only works while working from home if you can choose your own working hours. At yoummday you have this freedom. Here, you work from home as a self-employed Customer Care Agent and make your own work schedule. This way, you can always take time off at noon during the summer months or even reduce your hours.

2. Dress appropriately – for your job and the weather!

Obviously, appropriate clothes are important in the summer, even when working from home, to create the right working atmosphere and come across as professional in video calls. However, you do have some leeway when it comes to choosing fabrics and cuts: go for airy as well as loose clothing and breathable natural fibers such as cotton or linen, preferably in light colors. With a beige linen blouse or a white cotton shirt, your look is still smart-casual, while giving you a nice summery feel.

3. Hydrate!

This applies for the whole year, of course, but especially in the summer heat it’s important to hydrate enough – and ideally doing it using water or unsweetened tea. Here’s a tip: make sure not to have iced drinks. Even if it seems tempting; temperature compensation consumes your body’s energy, which it can better use elsewhere, especially in this heat. Ideally, you should drink warm or lukewarm tea or at most slightly chilled water without ice.

4. Eat light food!

During the summer heat, it’s best to avoid foods with lots of fats and carbohydrates. Hearty food may warm you up on cold days, but especially in summer, it’s usually hard on your stomach and paralyzes you. Instead, go for light foods like salads and eat lots of vegetables and fruit that contain plenty of water. Watermelon, for example, is a perfect summer snack, because it’s not only delicious and refreshing but also hydrates your body. The general rule is that on particularly hot days, it’s better to have several smaller snacks throughout the day rather than one big, heavy meal at lunch time.

5. Take plenty of breaks!

More snacks also mean more breaks! A real win-win situation, right? But seriously: great heat takes a toll on your body, so you should allow yourself plenty of breaks to rest. That way, you stay relaxed and recharge your batteries from time to time!

6. Ventilate – the right way!

Letting in some air for a bit is always a good idea – except maybe when it’s 35 degrees outside. Because if it’s hotter outside than inside, you should rather keep the windows closed and shut your curtains and blinds to avoid direct exposure to the sun. To still get enough oxygen, purposefully ventilate in the early morning when the air is still cool and fresh or in the evening when the heat subsides.

7. Use fans!

When there’s no more fresh air coming in from outside, you might have to help a little. It’s best to get one or several fans for your home office. While those don’t actually cool you down, they disperse the pent-up air and create a pleasant indoor environment. But be careful: you shouldn’t be directly in the draught of a fan all the time because it can lead to tension and dry skin.

8. Turn off any electronic devices you don’t need!

We know from physics class: when energy is converted, heat is created. It’s no different with your electronic devices. No matter if it’s the printer, computer, smartphone, or tablet – any device that is turned on emits warmth and further heats your home office. That’s why you should turn off any electronics you don’t need at that moment. This doesn’t only lower the room temperature but saves energy and is good for the environment.

9. Cool down!

When it’s hot, it’s nice to take a short refreshing dip. Obviously, not everyone has a lake or river right by their doorstep. But there are ways to refresh without leaving your home office: take a cold shower, soak your feet, put cool towels on your neck or run cold water over your wrists. You’ll see: you’ll immediately feel fresh and fit after!

10. Enjoy your time after work!

As exhausting heat can sometimes be during work, the warm summer evenings after work are just as nice! Already make plans while you work, so that you can look forward to them: go to the lake, meet up with friends for a barbecue or simply enjoy the sun in the park or on your balcony. This way, your evening will feel just like a vacation! Another benefit of working from home: when you’re done with work, you can enjoy the summer right away, while others have to fight their way through rush hour traffic in the heat.

You want to keep cool at work even in the summer heat and schedule your working hours so that you can enjoy the warm months to the fullest? Become a talent at yoummday! Here, you are working from home 100 percent of the time as a self-employed Customer Care Agent. You choose for yourself when and for how long you work – freely and flexibly, all year around! Register now on, free of charge and without obligation!

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