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Are You Ready for yoummday? 5 Traits You Should Have as a Freelancer!

Flexible, self-determined, independent: Being a freelancer has many advantages – especially as a customer service agent! Because as a freelancer, you only work for yourself! This means: Only you decide which projects to take on and when and how long you work. And the best thing is: Every project you take on and every minute you worked directly pays off financially! In this article, you will find out if you have what it takes to be a freelancer and which advantages working at yoummday holds for you!

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1 November 2023
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Surely, you have thought of becoming self-employed before. According to studies, most people seriously consider becoming a freelancer at least once during their professional lives. This isn’t a surprise. After all, the leap into freelancing opens up many opportunities that aren’t feasible in a regular office job: Flexible time management, choosing your own tasks and projects, and performance-based pay!

Despite these obvious advantages, you are still unsure whether you have the right qualities to start your own business? Have a look at our checklist for freelancers! If multiple of the following statements apply to you, nothing stands in your way of becoming a freelancer! And if you are still unsure about some of these aspects, we will tell you which additional advantages and securities await you as a freelance customer service agent at yoummday!

1. “I possess a high degree of self-motivation!”

You really want to become a freelancer? Great! In that case, you already meet the most important requirement! Your motivation significantly decides whether the work as a freelancer suits you or not! But don’t worry: Working independently and motivating yourself is easier than it sounds – as long as the overall parameters are right! As long as you like the work you do, and you appreciate the advantages and the freedom of being self-employed, self-motivation will come on its own!

2. “I can manage my daily work independently!”

As a freelancer, nobody will tell you when, how long and how much you need to work! This is a distinct advantage – but it can also be a challenge in the beginning. Especially if you are used to clear instructions. Therefore, it’s best to create a clear schedule for yourself with fixed working hours that suit you and your everyday life!

At yoummday, this is super easy. Here, you work according to a binding shift schedule, which you create for yourself in advance. This gives you complete freedom to manage your time – while still maintaining a clear structure in your day-to-day work.

3. “I am willing to put in the effort to achieve my goals!”

As a freelancer, you determine your own professional goals. To achieve those, you really have to work hard sometimes! But your effort will pay off. Because when you’re self-employed, each project and each achievement pays off for you personally! And this is a real motivation booster!

4. “I am responsible and complete my tasks conscientiously – even if no one checks!”

As a freelancer, you are the only one responsible for your work! So, you are not accountable to anyone, only to your customers and yourself. This makes it even more important to take your job seriously and really be behind it – even if you have to deal with criticism sometimes! At the same time, appreciation and recognition will reach you directly as well.

As a freelance customer service agent at yoummday, you are your own boss, but you do have a talent team lead (TTL) for most projects, who is your contact person and will help you with questions and problems!

5. “I am able to set boundaries and create my own breathing space!”

A key characteristic that many often forget: The ability to consciously and regularly take breaks. This is because there are no definite rules for breaks and working hours or legally regulated time off for freelancers. This is why many freelancers tend to take little to no time off – fearing that they might disappoint or even lose their customers while they are away. This makes it all the more important for freelancers to take care of themselves and consciously schedule breaks for relaxation!

You want to work as a freelancer, but still don’t want to miss out on security, structure and a strong community? Become a freelance talent at yoummday! Here, you benefit from all the advantages that a freelance job offers you: From working from home to managing your time flexibly. In addition to that, you have an international platform backing you up that supports you with finding projects and during your daily work routine. Register today – free of charge and without obligation!

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