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What Is New Work? The Trend of the Working World

In the new working world, everything is about New Work. But what is this and what advantages does it offer? We can show you!

25 July 2022
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New Work: The New Way of Working

A real transformation of the entire working world, only made possible by digitization: New Work. This new way of working makes long hours spent on site in the office unnecessary. A lack of flexibility, strict schedules and being tied to one place all the time: All of that is a thing of the past with New Work!

What is New Work?

New Work means a new way of working. More personal responsibility as well as the integration of digitization and increased flexibility are particularly important here. From self-employment to working from home to flextime, sabbaticals or working at a coworking space, many ways of working are included. Thus, New Work makes for more freedom, more flexibility and less strict schedules and locations that are requirements for your work.

New Work means the structural transformation of the working world, which is created through digitization. Aside from digitization, globalization also plays into this and results in making many jobs possible from anywhere. Fixed offices are not always necessary due to the prevalence of technical equipment, and the requirements of employees are changing.

That’s why the term New Work stands for the new way of working, which is often independent of location, flexible and possible at any time.

Why New Work? The trend speaks for itself!

New Work makes all-new working conditions and a changed attitude to life possible. Compared to the usually strict working hours and fixed locations, innovations are possible here. You’re flexible, and you can work whenever it suits you – during your desired time frame and from home, without having to travel long distances.

These are the advantages of New Work jobs:

  • Great flexibility
  • Independent schedule
  • No work tied to a specific location
  • Work when and as much as you like
  • No more long journeys to get to work
  • More quality of life and less time lost

The option of having more time to yourself and being flexible gives you the chance to live your life differently. You’re not a morning person and come alive in the evening? In that case, it makes sense to work in the evenings and take it easy earlier in the day. It’s the same the other way around. New Work offers you the chance to get more out of your day and live and work the way that works best for you.

What is possible with New Work?

Obviously, not all jobs can be carried out in the style of New Work. A doctor, nurse or child care worker would have trouble working flexibly and independent of location. New Work is possible where digitally feasible jobs are offered. There are many options available here, especially in the field of customer service.

At yoummday, we offer flexible jobs that can be carried out independent of your location, which focus on customer service. In the field of sales or as a consultant – by phone, chat or e-mail: The options are extremely versatile. After all, good customer service with motivated employees is more important today than ever before. One more reason to use New Work to work away from rigid call centers.

Try it: Become a yoummday talent and experience New Work for yourself. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Overcoming challenges in New Work jobs

Every type of work has specific challenges. New Work is no exception to this. It’s not easy to find work that is actually possible to carry out flexibly. Everything can sound flexible, but in the end, it’s still tied to fixed times and locations. Challenges are often underestimated.

 At yoummday, we want to support you to avoid the biggest challenges right from the start. Our talents don’t have to tediously look for customers, but they can participate in multiple projects, depending on which project suits you best. Furthermore, flexibility is very important to us: We want to give you the opportunity to practice New Work in a truly flexible, independent and digital way. If you’re looking for maximum freedom in your work, you’ve come to the right place as a talent.

What do you need for New Work?

First of all, you need suitable jobs. Not every company is open to this. If you are self-employed, you have to find the right customers who actually offer a great deal of flexibility.

Apart from customers and the opportunity to work flexibly, it all depends on your technical equipment. We recommend that our talents not only have a computer or laptop with the latest operating system, but also a headset and mouse with a cable connection. If you don’t, it can happen that your mouse will stop working in the middle of a call, or that your headset will suddenly fail.

But the most important thing for working in the world of New Work: A stable internet connection. Without a good connection, nothing is possible these days, and this is even more true for flexible, digital work. However, it is also important to have a quiet place to work in order to carry out the respective work in peace.

This is what New Work offers you for your life

More time for yourself, for your life, your interests and spare time, that is usually determined by work routes and fixed working hours. Whether you want to earn 200 or 1,000 euros a month, New Work can be adapted exactly to your requirements with the right choice of projects. New Work offers a lot of opportunities for your life if you find the right partner.

At yoummday, we offer our talents the following advantages:

  • Work regardless of location – work from anywhere
  • Flexible work – work when and for how long you want
  • Sustainable work – save resources and avoid commutes
  • Fair compensation – we offer pay above the industry average

What’s more, the idea behind New Work lets you bid farewell to boredom and monotony. Choose something you enjoy from a variety of projects for customers in a wide range of industries. There’s something for everyone here!

Conclusion: Join the new work trend with yoummday

New Work jobs are a real trend and oftentimes, they are not bound to specific companies or professions. However, without support, it’s not easy to find suitable customers or work models that are actually flexible.

At yoummday, we believe in New Work, in flexibility and maximum freedom and that’s why we want to support you. As one of our talents, you can live your dream of modern, digital and flexible work!

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