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10 Tips For Your Perfect Home Office

Efficient, individual, and professional: Consider the ten following hints while setting up your home office. Working flexibly while saving time: Remote work may offer many advantages, but the combination of work and private space leads to challenges. In this article, you will learn what matters when setting up and managing your home office.

5 July 2021
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Just open your laptop and kickstart? In most cases, remote work is not as simple as that. For working in a concentrated, efficient, and secure environment in the long term, a few steps in the preparation process have to be made beforehand. Use these 10 suggestions to transform your home office into the perfect workspace for yourself and your individual needs.

1. Find a permanent workplace

Remote work can be tempting to quickly complete tasks by sitting on the couch or at the kitchen table. However, while working from home you should focus on finding a permanent workplace for concentration and efficiency reasons. Recommendable would be a private office or desk in a separate room that you can use during working hours all by yourself. A separate office or desk is relevant for industries such as customer service. Professional customer contact and data security are top priorities within the industry. Click here to check out the yoummday requested requirements for your home office.

2. Provide good lighting

To not unnecessarily strain your eyes, make sure to have appropriate lighting conditions when spending a significant amount of time in front of your monitor. Sufficient daylight is essential. Just be careful: You need to make sure that your computer screen is not visible through any window, especially while working with sensitive data like you might have to do in customer service. Furthermore, you should install curtains or blinds in case of sunshine or heat during summer.

During the night and when it is dark outside, a lamp is recommended. Although ceiling lamps evenly distribute light throughout the room, the advantage of decentralized lamps results in the usage of lights wherever you need them. This relieves your eyes and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

3. Make yourself comfortable

At least as important as a good desk lamp is a comfortable chair. This does not necessarily have to be a classic office swivel chair. Whether you choose an exercise ball, a stool, or a chair with armrests, the most essential thing is that you feel comfortable and sit on it for several hours a day.

4. Add your personal touch to your home office

Do you think that an office is boring, gray and monotonous? It no longer has to be that way! In your home office, you can overcome the uniform style of many offices with individual elements and design your workspace according to your personal preferences. Think about the statement "less is more": Keep your home office functional and clear! Additionally, pay attention to your background: This is your business card during video calls and the surrounding should always look professional and discreet.

5. Provide yourself with your favorite snacks and drinks

At work, you only get not tasty coffee and unhealthy snacks from the vending machine? This is not happening in your home office! Just make sure that you always have your favorite snacks and drinks at home. It keeps you in a good mood and creates additional motivation. Even the most exhausting task is only half as unpleasant when a delicious coffee or freshly brewed tea awaits you during your break!

6. Have a break – or even two or three!

A break does not only refer to short coffee breaks: Take your time for a healthy and wholesome meal at lunchtime as often as possible and use your break consciously. Especially when working remotely, you might fear that you can never really take a breath in between. Take some time for yourself at least once a day. Go for a walk, go biking or sit in the sun for a while. If you do not want to spend your break alone, organize a lunch, coffee, or phone date with your friends or colleagues. These positive vibes will give you new ideas and you return to your workplace with fresh energy.

7. Invest in good equipment

Even the best break is over at some point. That is not a problem at all if you use the right "tools" at work. The most important equipment at work is a fast and stable internet connection and a sufficient computer including the required software. In addition, many utilities can help you to work more efficiently: A comfortable (wired) headset, an ergonomic (wired) mouse, a large screen with an eye-friendly resolution, a mouse pad with a rest for your wrist, or a standing desk. Whatever your necessities are, make sure you furnish your home office with the equipment you need to feel comfortable at work.

8. Always have everything at hand

The headline may sound quite obvious. There are no long distances to cabinets or other departments when working remotely. Nevertheless, staying at home tends you to spread your documents or materials throughout your entire apartment. A through the room spreading might not necessarily result in distraction due to untidiness. It could cause a loss of time during productive work phases. If you have to look for something or get it from another room, you waste valuable minutes - and in the worst case, you may lose your entire work rhythm. This is why you should have sufficient storage space around your working place available. Thus, you always have everything at hand in case of need. It does not have to be a whole filing cabinet but there are good space-saving solutions for small offices such as sideboards, hanging shelves, or filing systems that you can simply attach to the wall next to your desk.

9. Find rituals

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is the separation of work and leisure time. To prepare for the workday or relax briefly in between, it is quite helpful to establish fixed rituals. A ritual does not have to be big, even small things matter in this context: For example, a specific "work outfit" which means that you wear an outfit that you would also like to wear at the office. Also, a "work cup" that you only use when sitting at your desk while enjoying your coffee or tea. You can also do sports or relaxation exercises before or after work to gather energy or unwind. Additionally, try to be aware of when you want to start and finish work every day and stick to it. At yoummday, you have flexible working hours and you can register these in advance in a shift schedule. Through previous planning, you stay freely after the working hours and simultaneously create a fixed structure during your day. This allows you to achieve the right work-life balance at home.

10. Consciously call it a day

Particularly when working from home, it is relevant to have a hard cut at the end of the working day. You may start your after-work time either with a drink, a run, or a yoga session. Just find something that gives you pleasure and allows you to relax. During work, it helps you to look forward to something giving you pleasure. Switch off your work accounts and computer, because your free time begins right after! And the best thing about remote work: You can enjoy the end of the day right away without having to rush through traffic.

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