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On our online platform, you use your communication skills to advise and persuade people by phone or e-mail.
You work independently and conveniently from home, set your own hours and are given the chance to receive above-average pay.

Register now for free as a yoummday talent

What is yoummday?

yoummday has created a platform just for talents.

Our customers are looking for people like you: people who are skilled at communicating with others, helping them, persuading them of a point of view or advising them. Anyone interested in working from home making calls or e-mailing can use their profile to highlight their very specific experience and talents in contact with customers. Our platform automatically suggests you as a “match” if you meet the customer’s requirements profile for their project.

What do you need?

A personal profile on the yoummday platform.
If you have a computer and like to make calls or write e-mails, then create your profile. It’s free of charge, and it will stay that way. There is no premium account and no referral fee for projects. Register now as a yoummday talent. You will be taken through the process on a step-by-step basis until your profile is complete.

Become a self-employed yoummday talent

Become an independent yoummday talent

You are independent

You are not an employee, and you are your own boss. However, we will not leave you on your own. Through practical training, you will be optimally prepared for your desired project and can also contact the respective team manager at any time.

You decide when you work

Your flexibility ranges from the hours you work per week, the days and times at which you work and when and for how long you take holidays.

You work is good for the environment

Working from home means you save time by avoiding a commute while also doing something to improve your CO2 footprint.

You work for great customers

You provide advice or take orders, take care of inbound or outbound calls or answer e-mails... whatever suits you best. Because you are the decision-maker here.

The pay is much better

...than in comparable jobs in your country. You always get your pay – and always on time!

yoummday supports you

There's no need to be afraid of going into business for yourself.

If you have any questions about being self-employed, we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our reliable contacts in your country.

After you register and have been verified by our onboarding team, experienced yoummday agents will be happy to chat with you in a chat group in order to help you with any other concerns or questions you might have.

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