About yoummday

Yoummday is a Munich (Germany) based, privately held company, founded in 2016. The underlying idea was to create a market place for the contact center industry. The first step was to build an online platform, facilitating contact center professionals on the one and clients on the other side having direct access to each other.

The platform provides all telephony, back- and front-end functionality to configure virtual contact centers. For the first time it provides a level playing field for talented contact center professionals from all over the world. We call them „talents“. It is not anymore the country of residence or an employer who determines about the qualified agent’s ability to participate and succeed in the contact center industry. The platform removes such barriers and makes the industry more inclusive and diverse.

This has led to more than 5.000 contact center professionals from more than 50 different countries who have registered on the platform - growing daily. The lion share of the usage costs goes directly to the agents - another fundamental difference the model incorporates. In fact, talents typically generate net incomes 50-100% above the national ‚employee‘ level. Yet the model cuts out so many costs (software, hardware, facility, management), that it is highly efficient and offers very attractive conditions to clients in need of flexible and high quality contact center capacity.