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Inbound, Outbound & More: These Tasks Await You in Customer Service

Communication expert, organizational talent, linguistic genius, multitasking pro: You feel like all those terms describe you? In that case, customer service is for you! Your job as a customer service agent is demanding and versatile. Here you’ll learn how the different fields of activity compare to each other, what your tasks are and which qualities and skills you should have!

13. März 2022
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Each of us has probably called a service hotline before or wrote an email to a company or a service provider. Ideally, we get a fast, polite and competent reply or our request will be forwarded immediately. We all probably know that behind individual processing of our questions or problems, there is highly professional customer service. But have you ever thought about what customer service agents do on a daily basis? What skills they have? What tasks are part of their work? Or which the different fields of activity are? Customer service is never the same, after all. Different projects and fields require different skills. This way, you can always apply your individual skills in the right way! Do you like to approach people and enjoy selling? Then sales is for you! Do you speak multiple languages fluently? Directly apply for bilingual projects and make some extra money! You’re more introverted? The next inbound project is already waiting for you!

No matter what qualities you have: There is an aspect of customer service for everyone. Here you’ll get an overview of the most important tasks and roles.

Inbound: “What can I do for you?”

The term “inbound” refers to all projects in which you, as an agent, are contacted by your customers. So you answer incoming calls and respond immediately to questions, problems or comments from the person calling. For this, it’s important to grasp your customer’s concerns quickly and correctly and process them immediately or forward them to the right department in difficult cases. The advantage: With inbound projects, customers contact you directly with a specific request. This way, you always have enough to do and don’t have to worry about acquisition. On the other hand, it’s possible that you will talk to dissatisfied or angry customers.

Outbound: “Have you heard about our new offer yet?”

Outbound projects mean that you are the one contacting your customers. For example, if they have booked a consultation appointment online, but also to inform them about products and services or ask them about their satisfaction. Here, it’s beneficial if you naturally like to approach people.

Telephony: “Hello, how can I help you?” 

The field of telephony refers to all projects for which you have to talk to your customers on the phone – regardless whether it’s inbound or outbound. Possible tasks and fields of activity range from a classic service hotline to proactive customer surveys. No matter what field you’re in: These tips will help you to always communicate in a friendly and professional manner on the phone.

Text Processing: “Dear customer”

However, customer service works very well away from the phone, for example via live chats, email or the DM or commentary feature on social media. All of this falls into the category of text processing. Directly and personally talking to your customers will be missing here. Nevertheless, it is also important here to respond quickly, in a friendly and competent manner, and handle questions or problems as professionally and emphatically as possible.

Sales: “We have just the right thing for you!”

You are communicative, outgoing and on top of that, a real talent when it comes to selling? In that case, “sales” is your ideal field of activity! Here, you actively contact your customers to inform them about products, services and convince them to buy goods or close a contract. Usually, you will be paid depending on your success and the number of sales you made. Does this sound promising to you? It is! Especially if you have the right motivation and enjoy selling! You want to work on a sales project, but you don’t have any experience in this field yet? No problem! At yoummday, you will be supported by trainers in workshops so that you can get off to a flying start!

Are you curious? Become a freelance talent in customer service with yoummday!

Did we convince you of the interesting and versatile work in customer service? Become a freelance talent in customer service at yoummday. Here you will combine this demanding and versatile work as a customer service agent with all the advantages that freelancing, new work and remote work give you. You are 100% flexible and self-determined in your work and at the same time part of an international community of customer service experts as well as many exciting projects in all the mentioned fields. In addition, yoummday supports you after your successful onboarding process with a professional personality test, so you can find out which fields of activity suit you best! Apply today – free of charge and without obligations on!

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