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    When A Brand Needs To Reach Millions Of Customers Quickly There Is Only One AI-based Customer Service Model That Is Flexible Enough

    Germany's new law stops landlords from charging tenants for unused TV services, affecting over 13 million people. Cable providers must quickly secure individual contracts, a challenge for traditional BPOs. Yoummday's flexible, AI-supported platform can rapidly train and mobilize a remote workforce, efficiently managing customer transitions and scaling down as needed.

    Nadine Stumpf
    25 June 2024
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    Germany recently changed the law around tenants and their access to linear television in buildings with multiple residences. In summary, a landlord could add a fee to the rent to pay for the cost of providing a TV signal to an apartment and the tenant had no choice - it had to be paid even if the tenant no longer uses linear TV.

    In this era of streaming television it is now very common for people to no longer use a traditional television connection for linear channels so the new law helps tenants who do not want to pay for a TV connection they are not using.

    However, this change affects over 13 million consumers in Germany and the deadline is July 1st - soon the extra charge will no longer be allowed. The cable network operators, such as Vodafone and Tele Columbus, need to quickly reach all these individual customers to negotiate individual contracts.

    Many of these people will be happy to sign up for an individual contract, because they may still be using the cable system and may be happy with it. For every customer that has migrated to streaming-only there are likely to be others who don’t want to change their TV consumption so dramatically.

    So there is an opportunity for the cable network operators to launch a large outreach operation. They can contact all the affected consumers and try signing them up as customers as quickly as possible.

    But in a traditional business process outsourcing operation this type of project would be difficult. It requires very rapid recruitment and growth, then a period of intense activity, but once all the potential customers have been contacted the project will wind down. It’s not the type of project that a typical BPO would be interested in - they want multiyear service contracts.

    But this is where the yoummday platform offers an ideal solution.

    We can already tap into a large network of highly trained people with customer service experience. They can quickly be trained, so they understand the requirements of the Cable TV companies. We can scale up the operation rapidly because all the team will work from home - there is no need to find a large contact center that will only be needed temporarily.

    The team is also supported by our industry-leading modular system of artificial intelligence (AI) support tools. This creates a digital assistant for each individual talent, but also offers deep realtime analysis into what is working, what is not working, and where we can improve. All this analysis comes from realtime data and it can even drill down into individual customer interactions to explore the best approach to use with these customers.

    When the project is over, we can wind down the available shifts and the talents can migrate to other projects with different clients.

    Only the yoummday model offers the flexibility required to make this work.

    If a project needs to grow so quickly that it would be impossible to manage with a physical contact center, and then scale back down, it’s very hard to deliver with a traditional BPO partnership.

    Banks and finance companies face a similar challenge in the UK at present because a major review into the interest rates charged on all new car financing before 2021 is underway. It is expected that millions of car owners were charged too much interest and need to be refunded.

    The British car financing industry (around 90% of all new cars are bought with finance plans) has to reach these millions of customers to investigate if they need to be refunded, but eventually this enormous project will also scale back down again once all the customers have been contacted.

    Projects like this are ideal for the yoummday platform. We can ramp up quickly thanks to the existing pool of talent and we can quickly attract and train more people. We can also scale back down as required - this is the only truly flexible BPO model for companies that face a problem such as the Cable TV law changes in Germany or car financing in the UK.

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