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Webinar: Scaling Success: A Case Study on Amann Girrbach's Growth Strategy

Watch this power-packed webinar with Amann Girrbach about the strategies they used to help them penetrate new markets in 2023. Take away proven insights to grow your brand in 2024 as Peter Ryan of Ryan Strategic Advisory talks with transformation leader, Karsten Eichenhofer.

29 January 2024
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Watch this webinar as we delve into the success story of Amann Girrbach, a leading industrial manufacturer in the dental technology industry.

Explore the intricacies of expanding outbound activities in a competitive B2B landscape and discover the key components that fueled Amann Girrbach’s successful foray into new market segments.

Learn how the Amann Girrbach team effectively integrated telesales and marketing activities into their customer journeys for cost-effective customer acquisition.

Key Discussion Points:

1.       Amann Girrbach’s Growth Ambitions (Overview) 

  • Goal of scaling
  • Discussion on the hurdles faced during the scaling process
  • Solutions and adaptations made by Amann Girrbach to navigate cultural, technological, and operational challenges

2.       In-house vs. Outsourcing When Commencing Outbound Activities

  • Benefits of different approaches for outbound team setups
  • Different market scenarios and their requirements (e.g. time-zone misalignment, cultural and linguistic barriers)

3.       Lessons Learned and Best Practices

  • Extracting valuable insights from Amann Girrbach's experience
  • Best practices for businesses planning to integrate outbound teams in their go-to-market strategy

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from Amann Girrbach's journey and discover actionable strategies for leveraging outbound telesales activities.

Whether you are a business leader, strategist, or entrepreneur, this webinar promises to provide practical insights to inform and inspire your own expansion endeavors.


Peter Ryan - President and Principal Analyst, Ryan Strategic Advisory

Karsten Eichenhofer - Manager Sales & Marketing Transformation, Amann Girrbach

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