Terms of Service Referral Program ("Freunde werben Freunde")

Yoummday Referral Program

Our referral program allows you to invite potential Talents you know personally to register for a Yoummday account as a contractor (Talent). You will receive a referral bonus, subject to the terms and conditions below, if third parties referred by you register on the Yoummday Platform, complete a Yoummday Profile, are approved for the Yoummday Platform, and become active in a client's project. In such case, you are a "Referrer" for purposes of this agreement and a third party is a "Referee."

Overview: Eligibility

You may participate in the Yoummday Referral Program as a Referrer until the Referral Program is terminated. Until the Yoummday Referral Program is terminated, you will continue to be eligible to receive the Referral Bonus described below, even if the referee does not meet the following criteria prior to termination. In addition, yoummday has the option to unilaterally change the referral program at any time. Yoummday will notify you of any changes to the terms.

In order to receive a referral bonus under the Yoummday referral program, the referrer must have a proper Yoummday account at the time of participation until the referral bonus is due. Such an account is warranted from the successful completion of the onboarding interview.

A referrer may refer a referee by sharing the Referral Link with the referee. The referrer may claim a Referral Bonus for a referee who meets the following criteria:

I. Registration and completion of a Yoummday profile

II. Successful completion of a Yoummday onboarding call with successful activation of the profile

III. Acceptance of a client offer with a client of the yoummday platform

IV. Start of project activity

V. Achievement of at least €500.00 in net revenue.

Referral Bonus

The referral bonus for the referrer is net 150,00 EUR. For the duration of the referral program, there is one (1) bonus per activated profile of the referee. If two or more referrers refer the same referee, yoummday will credit the referral bonus to the referrer who sent the referral link first. In the event of a dispute, yoummday will decide at its sole discretion. The referral bonus will be credited to your account at the beginning of the month after the referrer has made at least €500.00 in net sales. The turnover (500€) must be achieved within a time window of 90 days, the time window is freely variable and does not refer to the starting time as a talent.

The referral bonus for the referee is 50.00 EUR net. For the duration of the referral program, there is one referral bonus per activated profile of the referee. A referee thus only receives a one-time welcome bonus in the net amount of 50.00 EUR. The referral bonus will be credited to the account of the referee from the 18th of the month after the recruited person has achieved a net turnover of at least 500.00 €.

Below is an overview of the possible referral bonus:

I. Referrer: net 150,00 EURO after the referee has achieved at least a net turnover of 500,00 €.

II. Referee: net 50,00 EURO after the referee has achieved a net turnover of at least 500,00 €.

Receipt and use of rewards

Yoummday reserves the right to limit, cancel or revoke any reward if yoummday determines, in its sole discretion, that you have violated the foregoing terms and conditions, or if we limit or close your account pursuant to these terms and conditions.

Yoummday is not responsible and/or liable if any emails, rewards, referrals, or materials or correspondence related to the Referral Program are lost, fraudulent, misused, stolen, late, incomplete, illegible, interrupted, delayed, altered, defective, misdirected, tampered with, or in any way irregular, or if a participant's email address, valid account, or other contact information is not working, is deleted, or is altered without the participant first notifying Yoummday in writing. Yoummday reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice, to review any account in connection with this referral program and to delay or deny payment of any reward.

Participation in the Yoummday Referral Program is no longer possible once the referrer's and/or the referee's account is suspended or terminated by yoummday.

The Yoummday recommendation program is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction is Munich.

By participating, participants agree to these terms and conditions. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms and Conditions relating to the resolution of disputes, all matters relating to the offer and the Referral Program shall be decided in the sole discretion of Yoummday, whose decisions with respect to the offer shall be final and binding.

Conditions of participation - yoummday Referral Contest

  1. Your referral will be considered for the contest as soon as the usual referral conditions are met (see above). Prizes for the highest number of 'activations' (1st prize = €10,000, 2nd prize = €6,000, 3rd prize = €4,000, 4th-10th prize = €2,000, bonus/raffle prize = 1,000€).
  2. The talent recruited must be fluent in German or Dutch.
  3. A condition for the prize of €10,000 is that at least 10 referrals are completed by June 30, 2024.
  4. A referral can only be submitted via the referral link in your talent profile - no assignment is possible without the link.
  5. Your referral must be a resident of the European Union, Serbia, Kosovo or Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  6. Your referral should already be a freelancer or ready to become a freelancer immediately in order to complete the onboarding process as soon as possible and become active before June 30, 2023.
  7. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer, but remember that this is about activations and we are looking for quality rather than quantity.
  8. If your referred friend lives outside the EU, Serbia, Kosovo or Bosnia-Herzegovina, you will not be included in the contest, but if they are activated, you will still receive the standard payment (€150). Your friend will also receive the standard payment of €50 (regardless of the raffle).