We’ve got talent!

Lots of talent ...

Advantages of the talent model

The talents take centre stage at yoummday, because your customer communication succeeds or fails with them. With this approach we establish a respectful and balanced working relationship, which is reflected in fair and above-average compensation. Not only is this revolutionary, it makes for motivated teams, better performance and higher quality that at physical call centres. In addition, our global yoummday talent pool provides virtually unlimited scalability with flexible capacity adjustment at short notice.

Happy talents make for happy customers

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the holy grail for understanding user satisfaction. At yoummday we therefore measure the NPS of our talents on a frequent basis. And while the average agent in a convetional German call center scores an NPS of -21, our yoummday talents frequently show values above +60. No surprise that customers that were served by yoummday talents also score substantially higher on client satisfaction indexes. That’s how our talents ensure a perfect customer experience for your brand. 

  • yoummday talents work independently on the yoummday platform from home for a wide range of clients. They use their own hardware, which has been checked by yoummday. 

    The talents have complete flexibility in choosing their projects and working hours. And by working on our platform, they earn more than at a physical contact center, even after accounting for the costs of health insurance, old-age provision, etc. 

    The yoummday talents come from all over the world, speak a variety of languages, and often have extensive previous contact centre experience. They have made an informed decision to work as freelancers for yoummday and benefit from the considerably better conditions we offer.

  • More than 8,500 talents are registered on the yoummday platform. Regardless of whether they are in Germany, the EU or a non-EU country, each talent who is available to be recruited for projects has to go through our GDPR-compliant onboarding process. 

    Native speakers of 42 different languages can be found in the yoummday talent pool. Some of our talents even speak two or three languages fluently. In addition to their skills and experience,the talents also contribute personal preferences to the projects – from working hours to interests.

  • For concluding contracts or billing the work performed, at yoummday you’ll find everything you need to manage the talents involved in your project.

    On average, the talents work 20 to 24 hours per week at 4 to 6 hours per day, though this can vary. The yoummday platform is used for deployment scheduling, with the talents registering for the available shifts on their own. You can provide incentives, for example to make off-peak hours or special shifts more attractive. 

    The talents are normally paid for time spent productively, either per minute or per activity. This also allows for differentiated and flexible pay schemes to maximise talent motivation.

    Depending on the utilisation level, the yoummday platform provides a wide range of tools to give you the best possible support during your project’s operational phase, including quality assurance and efficient communication options.

  • The protection of business and personal information has top priority at yoummday. During the onboarding process, we verify that every talent’s home office satisfies the requirements of the GDPR. Furthermore, data protection and security are always included in the project training we provide for talents as part of our managed service.


  • That is strongly dependent on the complexity of the projects and the availability of the talents.

  • Our managed service includes performing training for our clients. In self-service, you are responsible for training and providing information. With a few clicks, you can invite talents to a training session via yoummday.

  • Talents from more than 120 countries are registered on the yoummday platform, and they speak more than 40 languages. New talents are added every week.

  • Talents with a wide range of work experience are registered on the yoummday platform. Many of them have previous contact centre or customer service experience. Whether you need emphatic service staff, ambitious sales specialists or highly qualified experts, with our extensive filtering options you’ll be able to find talents who are a perfect fit with your needs.

  • Talent recruiting takes place in 2 steps. Initial onboarding for the platform is always done by the yoummday talent team. After successful registration with their basic details, new talents are invited to a video onboarding interview where our team gets acquainted with them, verifies that they have the required technical and office infrastructure, and makes an initial assessment of them. The second step is project recruiting, in which we (managed service) or you (self-service) select and recruit talents for specific projects. This process can be organised flexibly to meet specific client and project requirements.

  • Our talents average 4 to 6 hours of work per working day, but this varies depending on their availability and the client’s requirements.

  • The platform includes a message feature that can be used to communicate with the talents. For operational project management, we recommend using an external tool for communication. The talents are often integrated into MS Teams, Slack or other communications environments.