Take back control
over customer care

Project configuration

Relieve your IT – Save time and money

Setting up contact center infrastructure shouldn't be exhausting and expensive.
Wtih Yoummday there are:

  • No installations
  • No hardware configurations
  • No programming skills needed

In no time you'lll be able to build your project from a variety of predefined work types. Provide key requirements to your workforce and your setup is done.

Get rid of software licenses, expensive upgrades and any other kind of unnecessary, recurring overhead.

Human Ressources

Recruiting becomes cherry-picking

Several thousand Yoummday Talents, mostly former contact center professionals, are already waiting for your instructions.

Their experience includes:

  • More than 40 languages & dialects
  • Familiarity with several industries
  • Various contact center tasks

And the best part – they are already fully equiped, trained and affordable at the same time.

Browse through promising profiles, listen to their voice samples and cherry-pick the best fit for your business with just a few clicks.

Workforce Management

Up- and Downscale almost immediately

Forecast your workload with high precision by scheduling shifts for every day on a yearly basis, weekly basis or both. With Yoummdays' smart balancing of incoming workload, you don't have to worry about your forecast's precision: It automatically intercepts unexpected peaks in call volume.

Start small or start big, grow your business and Yoummday scales with you.
Simply extend your workforce. Flexibility and scalability will be part of your business from day one.


Pay as you go

Signing up and using Yoummdays' interface is free of charge. Pay only and exactly for the amount of minutes your Talents spend working at your service, e.g. being on the phone with your customers. Yoummdays' payment system gives you full control over spendings and therefore a reliable calculation of your investment and its return.

The overall Yoummday marketplace principle benefits everyone: Your costs reduce while qualified contact center professionals earn even more, leading to increased motivation and high-quality customer service for your business. Yoummday's commission starts at 9 Cent per minute, underselling every existing software license billing plan available.

Quality Assurance

Who's talking? - Quality meets Transparency

Silent monitoring, quality assurance and further team leading tools are built-in. You won't miss a single conversation in your customer services and you will always be able to take measures in no time if your requirements change.
Every Talent taking care of your customers is your direct contractor. Therefore they're having the responsibility and the desire to serve your customers at the highest level of professionalism.

Don't rely on "men in the middle" telling you everything will be taken care of when it's already too late. Having this overall and precise quality control over an "outsourced" contact center has not existed until now.
With Yoummday you are the decision maker!