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The Yoummday platform eliminates the need for other contact center software

Web application

Create your virtual contact center with inbound, outbound, webchat, and email jobs in just a few steps. Manage your virtual contact center business from anywhere. They have no fixed costs and do not need expensive software licenses. Our platform offers Internet telephony, a modern browser interface and an intelligent server infrastructure.

Uniquely efficient technology

Our platform combines the latest technology from various fields. Both our customers and our talents benefit from a reliable and user-friendly web application that eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software, office rental and commuting to work.

High flexibility at significantly lower costs

Contact centers are often burdened by high fixed costs, such as equipment and technology costs. With the Yoummday platform you can replace your traditional infrastructure and enable your agents to work from home. Save on infrastructure, rent, equipment and licenses. And best of all, you can quickly and easily access several thousand qualified talents.

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