The end-to-end solution for your virtual contact center

The end-to-end solution for your virtual contact center
yoummday’s technology consists of innovative contact centre software, which you can also use to find and manage talents, and an extremely reliable and secure technical infrastructure.

yoummday can do everything you need 

With yoummday’s technology you get everything you need to outsource your customer communication reliably: a complete contact centre solution with which you can set up and manage your projects quickly and easily, plus all the tools you need to find, engage and manage CX agents from our talent pool. And if it suits your purposes, you can also use yoummday with your own staff and no talent pool access as an efficient contact-centre-as-a-service solution.

  • Freely configurable telephony module and virtual automatic call distribution (vACD).

  • Forecast your expected work volume by setting work shifts for each day. Don’t worry about the precision of your forecast: yoummday’s intelligent workload balancing between agents can also deal with unexpected peaks, even when they occur on short notice. Adjust your workforce needs at any time, because yoummday allows you to gain flexibility in human resources – so you can scale the operation up or down in a snap.

    • Acquisition on short notice using push notifications
    • Communication with agents directly through the platform
    • Motivate agents to work certain shifts or less attractive time slots by offering bonuses
  • Closely monitor your customer service using our technology. In addition to silent monitoring and quality assurance, we can offer you many other control tools to ensure that your customer service is of the highest quality.

    • Define and use quality control sheets
    • Analyse sentiment using AI
    • Live tracking of all important KPIs, such as project performance, acceptance rate, service level, average handle time (AHT)
    • Exportable reports, individually definable as required
    • Customise interview guides and contact forms
  • Live monitoring, dashboards and reports to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction.

  • Intelligent tools enable highly effective project and talent management.

  • We are happy to customize the integration to your software environment without you having to allocate valuable developer capacity. Integration can also take place with standardised interfaces such as Zendesk or Salesforce.

  • Among the 8,500 agents in our talent pool, we are sure to have the right fit for your projects. Agents with a wide range of knowledge on numerous industries and a wide range of experience in the contact centre business are waiting for you. More than 42 languages and dialects can be booked for you on a flexible basis.

    Using our advanced contact centre solution, they work from home on a 100% GDPR-compliant basis. They have all the equipment they need and earn significantly more than those working in an equivalent call centre position in their country. How you benefit:

    • Speaker verification and georeferencing
    • VPN connection (possible on request)
    • GDPR-compliant workplace inspection
    • Automated personnel diagnostics and HR analytics
    • Speech to text
  • Our technical infrastructure is multiply redundant and designed for maximum flexibility, availability and security. Our critical systems are at no less than three locations and our databases are synchronised in real time, also at three locations. 

    Connections with talents and clients are via proxies and VPNs. Direct connections to several telephony, network, SIP and trunk providers guarantee maximum service quality. And our smart monitoring and control system ensures that there is practically no downtime.


  • Yes. With our “In-house agents” (Inhouse Agenten) functionality, you can include your own employees in your teams. They will not be visible to other yoummday clients.

  • You only pay for the time productively spent by the talents, based on your choice of a price per productive minute or a ticket/event pricing model. There are no further costs for project management or for our software, and there is generally no minimum volume obligation.

    We’ll be pleased to draw up a managed services offer tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us

  • Yes. Our model is in full compliance with GDPR in Germany, Europe and even when using talents from non-EU countries.

  • Our platform and all of the data processed on it are on servers in the EU. Our software was developed completely in-house, giving us full transparency and complete control over all processes. Instead of working with big cloud providers, we work with specialised data centre operators whose locations and facilities are all known to us.

  • Bei der Zusammenarbeit mit den Talenten gelten unsere Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen für Talente. Im Managed Service gelten darüber hinaus unsere Allgemeinem Geschäftsbedingungen für Kunden bzw. davon abweichende Fully-Managed Serviceverträge. Vor jedem Projektstart unterzeichnet das Talent einen Vertrag zur Auftragsverarbeitung. Sollte das Talent seinen Geschäftssitz nicht in der EU haben werden die Standardvertragsklauseln 2021/914 im Modul 3 zur Übermittelung von Auftragsverarbeiter zu Auftragsverarbeiter abgeschlossen.

  • The yoummday talents can cover all of the channels you use for contact with your customers: telephony, e-mail, chat, social media. Telephony can be managed directly through our vACD in yoummday’s telephony module, or it can run through your system. For all other channels, our talents usually work on your systems, connected through a VPN or similar arrangement.

  • In managed service, we take care of all project management, and with it the quality management. Our experienced and motivated operations team is at your disposal; it translates your requirements into a quality management plan. It applies our technical solutions to implement the plan in everyday project use.

    In self-service, project management is your responsibility. You have access to the same tools used by our operations team in managed service.

  • In managed service, we take care of all project management, and with it the workforce management. Based on your volume forecast, our operations team will draw up a capacity plan to make sure your needs are met in accordance with the agreed KPIs.

    In self-service, you are responsible for project management and thus also for workforce management, including shift scheduling and team management. For all of this, you have access to the same tools used by our operations team for managed service.