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On Yoummday you work as an independent entrepreneur. Yoummday provides a platform where you can find clients and receive jobs. Yoummday takes care of the payments and marketing.


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Benno Pfistner
The great thing about Yoummday is that I can choose the projects from a variety of offers, that suit me and that I enjoy.
Nicole Klie
I feel comfortable with Yoummday as a self-employed person because I can use my time flexibly as a single mother. Moreover, all managers respect the fact that I can't always be available.
Cevriye Matoglu
With my current project, I feel absolutely flexible, because I can really arrange my working hours the way it suits me. This is highly important for talents like me.
Yusuf Ülkü
I experience a high level of appreciation and fairness at Yoummday. The management is friendly, feedback and information is shared immediately. When support is needed, there is always someone around to help.
Tarkan Güsoy
I think it's great that Yoummday offers many opportunities for talents to evolve, for example with trainings, language courses and much more.
Sejla Ayhan
What I like most about Yoummday is how easily I can get orders as a self-employed call center agent. In addition, I can see directly after each call how much I have earned.
Andrei Bejan
Since December 2016 I have been working as a freelancer on the Yoummday platform. For me, that means freedom.
Jessica Illner
Free time management, pleasant atmosphere and good earning potential, whether part-time or full-time, perfect for anyone who would like to start his own business.
Birgit Gross
I have been working as a self-employed call center agent on the Yoummday platform for three years now and especially appreciate the high flexibility in work but also vacation and free time planning.
Tarik Asceric
By now, many people recognized how nice home office jobs can be, but what makes the Yoummday concept so special is that it allows you to schedule your time freely. This means that I can work part-time as a self-employed agent until my shift starts.

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