We don't like fixed costs

But you have them in classic B&M call centers: the monthly costs for office space, telephone systems, CC software, hardware for every work station and of course, “fixed“ wage costs.
Change from fixed costs to variable costs and in addition enjoy the advantages of flexible scalability for deployment times via access to the yoummday Talent Platform.


Free Essentials


Extended Workforce


Full Integration


YOUR COSTS FOR ONE ARE ZERO. This isn't a printing mistake: You get a complete Call Center solution with all the functionality like Operations, Work Force Management, Quality Assurance and more.PLUS is the logical extension of ONE: You have access to thousands of our qualified, self-employed Talents in our Talent marketplace.PRO is the limo of our products – as there is an essential difference to PLUS: You have a chauffeur.
PRO has the ONE and PLUS services, the service is however configured and optimised by our porject managers to meet your needs. And: the running system is managed according to your KPI specifications.

It makes sense for

Conceived for companies or CCs, to initially operate with their existing CC personnel via our technology platform.First timers in customer service or experienced CC operators use Self Service without support from the yoummday Professional Team: They set up their virtual Contact Center themselves and manage their projects self-sufficiently. Our Full Managed Service is aimed at Medium and Large Enterprises, which start with larger projects and a greater number of Talents.


  • Inbound/Outbound/Webchat
  • Quality Assurance Tools
  • Problem-free connection for your agents
  • Comprehensive statistics and reports
  • 25 languages and dialects
  • plus flexible additional Talent booking
  • plus precise service and quality verifications
  • plus exact-to-the-minute Talent settlement
  • plus automated credit invoice credit notes
  • plus access to biometric CAP
  • plus interfaces with Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.
  • Professional project management
  • PRO configuration
  • PRO KPI steering
  • PRO KPI Quality Assurance
  • PRO Cost optimisation

0 Cent * **

per minute

* Termination fees due for outbound
** Up to max. 100.000 minutes/month

6 - 15 Cent * **

per minute

* Volume-dependent per month:
0 - 50.000 minutes: 0,15 €/min
50.001 - 100.000 minutes: 0,14 €/min
100.001 - 200.000 minutes: 0,13 €/min
200.001 - 400.000 minutes: 0,11 €/min
400.001 - 800.000 minutes: 0,09 €/min
800.001 and more minutes: 0,06 €/min
** Prepaid (from 1000€)

15 - 20 Cent * **

per minute

* According to project complexity:
** From 20 FTE

Contact Our Sales

Contact Our Sales

Contact Our Sales

The most important assets again – overview

Universal fit

Tech platform works independently from and interacts with every CC-IT Landscape

Low costs

Unbeatable low costs due to minute-exact billing of just productive times

Quality management

Training for your product or service and a continuous quality management of your Talents.


Several thousand qualified contact center agents covering more than 40 languages and dialects


High flexibility through motivated talents who are independent entrepreneurs working in their own offices.

Key Account Management

Planning shifts and deployment times by our experienced operations managers.

Professional App for your Talents:
Appointment planning with all the agreed deployment times.
And your Talent always knows how many minutes he/she has already performed and how high the amount is which will be invoiced and transferred via Yoummday.

This is what customers say about our PRO solution

Eberhard Kuom, Head of Finance and Fulfillment

What distinguishes Yoummday from other providers?

Yoummday is very agile and able to take on new tasks with a short lead time. The virtual sales concept is convincing: Although stationary call center operators are finding it increasingly difficult to find qualified call center agents on the German market, Yoummday is also able to handle short-term project enquiries quickly and competently.

What particularly surprised you about Yoummday?

We were surprised to see how quickly Yoummday has grown from a start-up company to a serious player in the call center market. It's easy to see that there are thoroughbred entrepreneurs at work here who know their trade.

What was your "problem" and how could Yoummday help you?

1-2-3.tv generates extreme volatility in the daily call flow as a teleshopping transmitter - combined with the demand to offer customers a very good service level. Yoummday has accepted this task from the beginning with commitment and convinces with its performance.

Maximilian Vargas, Head of Department Customer Care

What distinguishes Yoummday from other providers?

The cooperation with Yoummday is very dynamic and innovative. The platform is developing rapidly and customers have great opportunities to incorporate their wishes and ideas into the development process.

What particularly surprised you about Yoummday?

The quality and reliability of the talents.

What was your "problem" and how could Yoummday help you?

We were looking for a partner who could grow with us and be highly flexible. We found one in Yoummday.

Jörn Hausmann, General Manager CCS & New Business

What distinguishes Yoummday from other providers?

Clear, short, fast decision paths and the greatest commitment of all acting persons.

What particularly surprised you about Yoummday?

The combination of innovative strength and solution orientation with stable and safe processes.

What was your "problem" and how could Yoummday help you?

We are now very definitely in a position to handle a strongly fluctuating call volume flexibly.

Christian Büsel, Manager Purchasing

What distinguishes Yoummday from other providers?

Yoummday offers a very flexible billing model in which only the minutes actually worked are billed. Especially as a medium-sized company, high acceptance rates can be achieved at enormously attractive conditions.

What particularly surprised you about Yoummday?

Right from the start we were convinced by the individually tailored solutions and the outstanding support. What is unique is how Yoummday handles a high volume of orders at peak times.

What was your "problem" and how could Yoummday help you?

Our resources were often tied up in personnel planning and controlling day-to-day business. Especially for temporary projects an additional high call volume with extreme peaks has to be handled.

Sophie Schandock, Lead Sales Development

What distinguishes Yoummday from other providers?

The super fast and reliable service. The project could be set up very quickly and already after a very short time we had excellent talents who made phone calls for us. Such a quick realization with such a high quality, I have never experienced with any other provider.

What particularly surprised you about Yoummday?

Clearly the quality of the talents. We had a few callers with us who made appointments for us on their first day and after a week they were already as fit as if they had been on the phone for us for months.

What was your "problem" and how could Yoummday help you?

We simply could not recruit enough qualified employees for our outbound department. If we had any, they often exceeded our financial possibilities. With Yoummday we have found a partner, who can provide us with the right talents, but also at a fair price.