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What is yoummday?

Yoummday offers you the possibility to start your professional independence in an uncomplicated and secure way. Through our platform, you can quickly and easily find a variety of different projects for well-known clients. And the best of all: You decide when and where you want to work!

As you can see: yoummday is not comparable to a normal call center but offers you a completely new, flexible and reliable way of professional independence.

You basically are  a self-employed person on the yoummday platform. This means that you are neither an employee of yoummday nor an employee of the respective client.

You are an independent entrepreneur offering your professional services on our platform.

You are responsible for all decisions regarding your salary and your time management.

No Center, only Call! You can work from anywhere even from home. Yoummday offers you maximum independence. Nevertheless, there are some requirements for your workplace to consider. You can find more information on this under "Onboarding".

You are important to us and we want you to make the most  of yoummday. Your success depends on you. In order to use yoummday effectively you need to meet some basic personal and technical requirements:

Your personal requirements

As a yoummday talent you should first of all be reliable and have a good intuition. This is important to quickly get familiar with the different requirements of the various projects. You must ensure that you are easily accessible. Proficiency in written and spoken German is essential. Please always pay attention to your expression and error-free spelling.

Your technical requirements

  • Powerful computer with current operating system (Windows 8 and higher, Mac 10.10 and higher)
  • Wired headset
  • Stable internet connection
  • Connection via LAN cable or WPA2-encrypted WLAN

You will find many projects for well-known companies in diverse fields.
The following distinction is central:

There are so-called inbound and outbound projects. In inbound projects customers call you; in outbound projects you contact the customer. The customers to be adressed usually know that they are being called, for instance as they have previously made an inquiry for a product on the internet and are now waiting for advice from you as an expert.

While some projects are managed and coordinated directly by yoummday, other projects are carried out by the customer. We have no influence on your application process and on the content/procedures of the project.


Registration is done in a few steps:

Create an account in the first step. Then enter your personal information (name, address, bank details). You can then fill in your profile with your information and make an appointment for an onboarding session.

After your onboarding session you are ready to go.

For tax and security reasons, you must upload a picture of an identification document (e.g. ID card). Ideally, the document should contain your complete current address. Please always upload the front of the ID. The back is only required if your address can be found there.

If your ID document does not contain your current address, we need another document to verify the authenticity of your address. For example, a current electricity, gas, water or telephone bill is suitable for this purpose.

Your profile information is your calling card. The information is visible to the clients. It helps them to determine if you are a suitable talent for a project. The better you maintain your profile, the higher chances are to find a compatible project and be found.

But: Please be honest! Nobody can be able to do everything. Be realistic about your skills and experience so that you can actually shine in the project.

You are listed under a tax number at your tax office. Please note that your tax number changes within Germany as soon as you move.

If you do not know your tax number, you can ask for it at your tax office.

Literally translated it means "coming on board". It is a necessary process with our onboarding team to prepare you to work on our platform. Among other things, we will check your workspace (to make sure that the requirements are met) and let you show us your identification documents.

You will also receive a briefing on the yoummday platform. The interview will be conducted with a yoummday onboarding manager after arranging an individual appointment with you.

The onboarding process is a short webcam session. It usually lasts 20 minutes and is divided in two parts:

Technical Review:

We need to take a quick look at your workspace. Since you are dealing with sensitive data, it is important that certain standards are met. We also test your technical infrastructure with you so that there are no unpleasant surprises in projects.

Confirmation of your information:

To confirm your identity we need to look at your identification document.
If your ID does not contain an address, you can also show us another public document that can prove your place of residence. You need to upload this document in the Identity section (Address Verification Document).

Finally, to increase your chances of getting the best projects we will check your skills together with you and provide advice.

  1. Your profile is completely filled out and all documents must be in the right place
  2. Your voice recording(s) is/are made with your softphone and saved in your profile
  3. Your work area must be separable from the rest of your space with a door
  4. Apart from that, no other persons are allowed to be in the room while you are working for yoummday
  5. The monitor of your computer must not be visible from the outside through a window
  6. Virus protection and firewall need to be installed and set up on the computer
  7. Router/modem with integrated firewall is available
  8. You should connect to the internet with a LAN cable or alternatively with W-LAN (only with WPA2 encryption)
  9. Make sure that your operating system is updated at least once a week, if possible
  10. Your screensaver should be password-protected and kick in after 15 minutes at most
  11. You should already have your wired headset (connected to the computer via USB - no wireless headset) on the onboarding call
  12. Your operating system needs to be Windows 8 or higher (preferably Windows 10), or Mac OS 10.10 or higher
  13. A webcam must be available (it is important for the authentication process)

Are you stuck or unsure? Then take a look at the video tutorials or contact our support.

Working with yoummday


After successful onboarding, you have the opportunity to apply for various jobs from different clients that are advertised on our platform. You can find them under the job offers tab divided into inbound and outbound jobs.
You will receive a message in your yoummday profile as soon as the client answers. ** In this case we have no impact on the application process. This is why the support cannot provide information about the current status of your application. If the client does not respond for a longer period of time, it could be possible that the project does not need new talents at the moment, is busy or you did not meet the desired requirements.

To be found:

Clients or yoummday project managers specifically search for suitable registered talents. They listen to your voice recordings and take a look at your profile. If they are convinced, they will contact you. Everything necessary will be clarified afterwards.
The project manager can refuse to accept you for the project for various reasons. Likewise, you yourself have the option to decline if you are not interested or are already busy.

First, check what the requirements of the respective jobs are and whether you can meet them (e.g. business hours, experience, etc.). Read the requirements carefully. You want to shine!

If an order appeals to you, you can apply independently. To do so, you can write a cover letter and send it by clicking on the button "Send application".

After sending your application, you will find it in the section "My orders" under "Sent applications".

If you have already proven yourself in one or more projects, you will be recommended. Not only your previous experience is important, but also that you are reliable and open to new projects and challenges.

After your registration on the yoummday platform and successful onboarding, you could theoretically be immediately integrated into a project and start to work. In practice, however, you will only be accepted after a successfully completed training or onboarding.

When a position becomes available in a project or whether you are suitable for a project based on your qualifications is always decided by the responsible client or project manager.

If you have applied for advertised jobs, we cannot provide feedback on the status of your application. In these cases, the client/project manager/TQM will communicate directly with you.

We ask for your patience (in both cases). Clients who post jobs on our platform and may not get back to you may already be busy and do not need support. Or your competitors may have been a better match for the task.

In the shift planner, you enter the times at which you work on your project. Please note that these are binding! Everyone relies on you. Remember that the more reliable you are, the better your reputation will be. But the opposite is also true.

Therefore, please keep your times.

Are you stuck on a step or unsure? Then take a look at the video tutorials. Or just contact our support.

You can request a reset of your password under the login screen with your email address.
If you are not fast enough, it could be possible that the link in the email has already expired. Then repeat the process again.


The amount you are paid depends on your orders, the country and whether the projects are inbound or outbound. Furthermore, it depends on how high the workload is in the respective projects and of course on your personal performance and commitment.

Every now and then you have the possibility to get a minute price increase. However, this requires a continuous good effort over weeks and months.

Your credit note is usually issued every month on the 4th. Please check it immediately and contact the customer or your project manager if it is not correct.

To avoid any inconvenience, please pay attention to the following points:

  • Enter your bank details correctly and completely in your profile (update them as soon as changes occur).
  • Payout day is on the 18th of the month. Transfers to foreign countries may take a few more days.

We always pay out on the 18th of the month. The billing period is the full previous month.
If the transfer goes to a non-EU country, it usually takes 2-3 business days longer until the money is on your account.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, make sure that your bank details are correct.

If a transfer is delayed due to incorrect bank information, it is an expensive time-consuming process for yoummday and for you.

Please check on your profile under "Income" from the 19th of a month whether the YD account amount has decreased by the amount that is on your credit note.

  • If yes, then the money has been transferred.
  • If no, the money has not been transferred. This can be due to several reasons (see the question "I didn't receive the money, now what?").

Your payment is always transferred on the 18th of each month and will be credited to your account in the following days.

Please note that transfers from Germany to foreign countries take a little longer. In this case you have to be patient.

Why was my money not transferred?
This case occurs when

  • you have earned less than 50 € in the previous month. In this case, yoummday does not pay out the money, but adds this amount to the payment in the following month, because foreign transfers cost you about 40 € in bank fees.
  • If you have set the checkbox "Pay out automatically" to Hold (red) in "Income".
  • If holidays or a weekend follow the 18th.
  • If you live in a non-EU country. The payout will take 1-3 business days more.

Working hours

As a self-employed entrepreneur, you can generally arrange your own working hours. As a rule, many different arrangements and agreements regarding your times are possible.

Reliability is the key:
Every project has business hours. Within these business hours you can enter yourself in the respective shift calendar. This way, the client or project manager as well as the other talents know when you are on the phone and available for the project.

We welcome it if you are willing to provide your services for several projects! Always with regard to the fact that you organize yourself well in terms of time and content and provide all your projects reliably.
Some larger projects are complex and time-consuming andonly allow limited phone calls for additional projects. By arrangement with the respective client or project manager, however, some things are usually possible.

Reliability is everything. It is important to plan well so that everyone involved has planning security. Please coordinate your working time conscientiously so that projects can run smoothly for all parties.

If you do not or cannot make a phone call at your scheduled time, you must inform the client or project manager.

  • For individual arrangements, honesty is the best policy. Communicate openly with the client or project manager when you are available for the project and agree on a mutually satisfactory solution.
  • In case of repeated unreliability the project manager can decide if you have to leave the project. Therefore, please do not make promises that you cannot keep.

Address Verification

  • Yes, the country remains unchanged → Please enter the new address under Account in your talent profile, upload proof of address (e.g. electricity, gas, telephone bill, registration certificate or other officially issued invoice) and book an appointment for address verification. Once the new address is verified by the yoummday onboarding team, it will be released.
  • No, the country will also change → Please send an email to You will then receive information by mail on how to proceed.

Please note: Changes to your billing address can only be implemented from the following month if you have submitted your request by the 20th of the month at the latest. All requests made after the 20th of a month can only be implemented in the month after next.

  • Your working address may differ from your billing address. You can add a new work address in your account, which you will find in your talent profile. However, in order for this to be released, you must book an appointment for address verification. In a video chat, your new workplace will be verified and approved by our yoummday onboarding team.
  • Exception: For data protection reasons, only talents based in the EU may be employed in some projects. Please keep this in mind if you are already active in an EU project and want to add a workspace in a non-EU country. In this case all your EU projects will be automatically cancelled after the address verification. As soon as you want to add or verify an address in a non-EU country, you will be notified by the system.

For data protection reasons, some projects may only employ talents based in the EU area. Please keep this in mind if you are already active in an EU project and want to add an address in a non-EU country. In this case all your EU projects will be automatically cancelled after the address verification. As soon as you want to add or verify an address in a non-EU country, you will be notified by the system.

If you are actively working on a project and would like to change your address, please inform your TTL at least two weeks in advance so that your new address can be verified and approved promptly. Otherwise, a change of work address could possibly lead to a project pause.

Tax and other questions

For VAT purposes the talent's service is provided at the location from which the service recipient operates his business. If the talent performs a service for Yoummday GmbH, the place of performance is always Germany - regardless of where the talent operates its business from. The place from which the talent performs its service only plays a role in that the sales must be entered in different codes in the sales tax return. Please clarify this with your personal tax advisor.

In this case, the place of performance is definitely in Germany and the German VAT regulations apply.

Since Germany is a tax jurisdiction,this does not play a role for the provision of services in terms of VAT. You may have to take this circumstance into account in your business tax return by means of a decomposition declaration. Please clarify this with your personal tax advisor.