Join our growing network of better paid contact center agents: Yoummday Talents.

  • work from your home office
  • earn 50-100% more than an employee
  • be your own boss
  • work as much and when you want
  • work for clients you really want to work for
  • save commuting time - help the environment

Prerequisites to become a Yoummday Talent

In order to become a reliable contractor for your clients and a qualified Yoummday Talent, you have to meet our requirements.
Our onboarding support team will check on you and your environment once you signed up.

    Data protection

    As you (and/or your employees) will work from home or in your own office, we have to make sure the room you will be working in meets our criteria and the European privacy regulations.
    Our onboarding support team will set up a webcam session with you, in order to confirm the following:

    • Your room has to be lockable
    • No unauthorized person must be able to look on your screen, even through windows
    • While you are working, there must not be any third parties in your room
    • There's no risk or danger for the data of your clients
    • You can be identified with an identification document, e.g. a passport

    Data security

    To assure a secure connection to our systems, we require the following measures:

    • Up and running firewall and virus protection
    • An up-to-date operating system and browser
    • WiFi only with WPA2 encryption
    • Internet connection via a router with firewall
    • Password protected screen saver after 15 minutes max

    Technical Equipment

    • wired headset
    • a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 1024px
    • modern operating system (e.g. at least Windows7 / OSX 10.10 Yosemite)
    • Broadband Internet connection with 16 Mbit (effective at least 6 Mbit)
    • webcam (for authentication process)

    Communication Skills

    It is also important, that we get an impression of you as a person. The following personal skills matter the most to us:

    • You have an adequate choice of words and very good communication skills
    • Courtesy phrases and address by name are no difficulty for you
    • You have a friendly, communicative appearance

    Organizational requirements

    • If necessary, a copy of your business registration
    • If necessary, a  certificate of your tax office (tax number and bank account)
    • Identification document (passport or similiar) and verification via webcam
    • Dependant on some projects: Criminal record certificate (Apply early, could take several weeks)

    Become self-employed
    Working on our platform requires you to have a valid tax number.
    But don't worry about billing. On our platform, paper work is not required.


    Have a workspace
    Have a calm and lockable room with your equipment (computer, modern browser, stable internet connection) ready.


    Register as a Talent
    Open an account on our platform and follow the instructions. It will be worth your time.


    Present yourself
    Become successful by caring for a nice and professional profile.
    The more complete your profile is, the more jobs you will bo offered.


    Be accurate and punctual
    Once you're hired, it is up to you to make your clients happy. Make yourself indispensable through punctuality, kindness and accuracy.

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