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Nothing and nobody...

...tells you what to do! You are self-employed and therefore you

  • work as much and when you want
  • work in your own office
  • earn more than in any classic contact center
  • get your money 1) always, 2) always in time, 3) always through Yoummday*

*You close contracts with your clients on Yoummday. Yoummday punctually pays out what you earned. Guaranteed.

It's as simple as that


Become self-employed

To work on the Yoummday platform you need a valid tax number. Invoicing happens automatically at Yoummday.


Provide for a suitable workspace

It should be quiet and has to be lockable


Sign Up

Sign up for Yoummday and create a talent account. If you follow the further instructions, you can easily and quickly edit your account


Present yourself

Care for a professional profile. The more complete and extensive your profile is, the more orders you receive.

Work reliably

It's up to you to please your customers. Make yourself irreplaceable by friendliness, punctuality and accuracy.


To become a reliable contractor and a qualified Yoummday Talent you have to fulfill the following requirements.

Since you work in your own premises, it is necessary for Yoummday to check these against our own criteria and the criteria of the European Data Protection Regulation and the Federal Data Protection Act. During your registration, a Yoummday Onboarding Manager will contact you and review these criteria in a webcam session:

  • You have a lockable room
  • No unauthorized person may watch you at work, not even through a window
  • During the activity no third party may be in your rooms

You need the following technical equipment for a successful registration:

  • Laptop with webcam, headset and a 2nd screen
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1280x1024px
  • A up-to-date operating system (Windows or OSX of the current generation)
  • A broadband internet connection with 16 Mbit

In order to connect to the Yoummday platform, we require that you adequately protect your computer against viruses and secure the Internet connection. You need:

  • A firewall and a current anti-virus program
  • WPA2 encryption (if wifi is used)
  • A password-protected screensaver that turns on after 5 minutes of inactivity

The following personal skills are particularly important to our customers:

  • an adequate choice of words
  • good communication skills
  • a friendly, courteous and communicative appearance

As part of the registration we need the following documents from you:

  • Your business registration
  • Your tax number
  • Your account connection
  • Your identity card, or your passport
  • If necessary, a police certificate of good conduct

What active talents say

Milan Jovic

What is the difference between Yoummday and other providers you have worked with so far?

I feel that Yoummday is behind me and brings great appreciation to all the Talents.

What surprised you about Yoummday?

I've noticed that Yoummday has made a lot of difference and a positive impact on the whole contact center industry.

What is your daily routine at Yoummday like and what has changed for you?

My workload has increased tremendously through Yoummday, now I can better achieve my business goals.

Michael Hempel

What is the difference between Yoummday and other providers you have worked with so far?

Yoummday is number one in the German-speaking home office sector due to his qualified project managers, diversified campaigns and his outstanding earnings.

What surprised you about Yoummday?

The mostly web-based user interfaces are quick to learn and easy to use.

What is your daily routine at Yoummday like and what has changed for you?

Showering, eating, making money... it's never been better!

Shuhab Krasniqi

What is the difference between Yoummday and other providers you have worked with so far?

No boss, without supervision, flexible division of working hours as desired, support in every matter on the part of the Yoummday team, punctual payment. What more should I ask for?

What surprised you about Yoummday?

Here no schnauzers are tolerated, so always positive behaviour towards the talent (that is us) is the highest commandment. Enough attractive projects in the inbound as well as in the outbound area.

What is your daily routine at Yoummday like and what has changed for you?

Thanks to Yoummday I not only became self-employed, but also use this as my main profession and get along really well financially. Now I also have good times with my family and friends.

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