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That's our mission: Call center services without a center. We make it possible with our merger of digital marketplace and free technology platform. Set up a virtual contact center in no time, without any preparation, without costs and a workforce of your desired size.

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Yoummday is innovator and enabler for every company running customer services on the phone or online.
One of its' founders is Klaus Harisch, whose 20+ years experience in call center operations complements Yoummday's high tech systems. His sons Pablo and Lion Harisch, both digital natives and founders as well, made Yoummday thrive to a symbiosis of digital market place and cloud communications platform, relieving the industry of typical downsides and unnecessary overhead of classic call centers.

9.2Happy Talents Index
7937925Generated Smiles
10Customer Satisfaction Index

* Values result from surveys and telephone statistics

We reduced all financial overhead classic contact centers would normally have to ZERO. Therefore, you save up to 30%. Despite, Yoummday Talents earn almost twice as much as they would in a contact center in their country. That is why Yoummday Talents are highly motivated - additionaly, they are being paid securely and punctual through our systems. A motivated Talent generating satisfied customers is your biggest asset.

Several thousand Yoummday Talents, mostly former contact center professionals, cover more than 40 languages and dialects, many industries and experience with various work types. With them, your business growth as well as sudden peaks in customer inqueries can be handled easily and flexibly. And these self-employed homeworkers stay motivated and always ready for their next task.

...or better said: Revolution. The symbiosis of digital marketplace and technology platform relieves you from any hardware, software and - especially - work space. With our web-based solution, you're able to control every aspect of your customer services, beginning with the selection and training of your workforce, reviewing results and configuring all necessary details, up to transparent billing. Just everything.

...is in Yoummday's DNA. You can review and control everything. There are no hidden costs, even our share is transparent to you: 6-15 Cent per working minute. You supervise your Talents' operating times and get access to statistics neccessary to keep your service under control. It's more than a simple daily business report.

...is one of our Talents' biggest assets. You negotiate prices and conditions individually. Meanwhile, Yoummday's automated system takes care of safe and punctual pay outs. On top of that, we continously develop Yoummday Talents in our in-house "YoumCademy", we connect with newsletters and virtual social rooms and we distribute your agreed bonuses.

...is not a buzzword at Yoummday. And it goes even further than workforce scalability. More importantly, it is about being able to start your services literally immediately - minimum preparation time, no costs. You also might want to extend your existing business IT with Yoummday, which is also possible due to our technology being also: Flexible.

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