Generations and Innovations

Pablo Harisch

Pablo Harisch, born in Illertissen, studied business law at the private University of Erding. After stays abroad in the USA and internships at ProSiebenSat.1 and Hogan Lovells, he founded Yoummday with his brother and father.

Pablo brings his distinctive ability to grasp and control complex systems to the company as Operations Manager.

"In addition to the human component, which is always our top priority, there must also be functioning processes, otherwise a complex system consisting of thousands of decentralized units - like our Talents working at home - cannot exist and there would be chaos.

Pablo oversees the procedures and operations with calm and foresight and ensures its connections.

Lion Harisch

Lion Harisch, born in Illertissen, studied politics and social sciences at the University of Stuttgart. After practical experience in the consumer goods industry, he founded Yoummday with his brother and father.

Lion inherited his father's marketing talent and brings it to all areas of corporate communications.

"The balancing act in communication is the challenge for me: On the one hand, we address the Talents as entrepreneurs, who decide for themselves which assignment they accept and when. On the other hand, we want to give them the feeling of belonging to a strong brand that surrounds them, captures them and offers them a social platform. The company headquarters for the colleagues can be described similiar: In the spirit of a start-up, there are all kinds of food for them, everyone brings something, there are bicycles..."

Klaus Harisch

Dr. Klaus Harisch, studied physicist, entrepreneur, family man and cyclist. He incorporates these characteristics into the DNA of his company, which he maintains on an equal footing with his sons.

He acts very familiar with the employees at Yoummday, especially with regard to the motivation of the Talents; because the fact that only happy agents can generate customer satisfaction is one of the learnings from his time as CEO of 11880, when the agents were still sitting in huge call centers.

Our inspiration

Through our core competencies

  • Technical development and innovation
  • Finding and motivating Talents
  • Virtual leadership

we want to revolutionize the contact center industry and achieve our vision to provide highly motivated Talents for demanding clients worldwide and thus to create a global no-center with millions of Talents.

What distinguishes yoummday from traditional contact centers?

Classic contact centers often work on the same principle: open-plan offices and predetermined working hours. For employees, this means inflexibility and low compensation. This leads to the demotivation of the employees and high costs for the customers.

Yoummday's going a whole different way. Since our foundation in 2016, we have been committed to a fair and reliable fee, as well as motivating tasks for our independent talents. That way, we free our clients from inflexibility and high costs.

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