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5 facts about munich that does not determine you

  • There is the oldest cinema in the world.
  • The first photo of Germany was shot in Munich.
  • Play dough for children was invented in Munich.
  • A pretzel comes in a church fresco.
  • The escalators run faster during the Oktoberfest.


5 facts about sofia, which you can not know

  • Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe (around 6 500 BC)
  • The largest synagogue on the Balkan Peninsula is in Sofia
  • Sofia is a city of gardens with 10,000 hectares of parks
  • The Museum of Natural History and Science in Sofia, founded in 1889, has the richest collection of expeditions in the Balkan Peninsula
  • The oldest building in Sofia is the rotunda of St. George with an archeological complex dating back to the 4th century