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What really matters and how you can benefit from it


During the Corona crisis, many customer service organizations are discovering the potential of working from home – but also the challenges of a rapid and unplanned transition. However, yoummday did not have such a bumpy start – the innovative company has long since reached its goal to provide an infrastructure for uninterrupted service. At yoummday, remote work is not a temporary solution but a basic principle – not only since Corona.

During the Corona crisis, the potential of remote work in customer service was only really discovered

Contactless and crisis-proof: Remote work is regarded as a model for the Corona pandemic. Therefore, many companies offer their employees the opportunity to work from home short or medium term until the crisis is over. But remote work is more than an emergency or temporary solution. For many industries and professions, it offers advantages far beyond contact restrictions and hygiene measures: A significant gain in time and flexibility while maintaining the same quality of services. The best example: Jobs in customer service.

Customer service job - No short-time work and excellent conditions for remote work

Since the crisis, stable and well-functioning customer service is in higher demand than ever. Along with the uncertainty of many customers - depending on the industry - the volume of enquiries increases. In addition, there is the desire for reliable information as well as the need for easy accessibility without long queues. That explains why for 90 percent of service units short-time work was and is not an issue but rather the opposite.

For instance, a survey by the software association USU shows that 70 percent of the interviewed service organizations stated that they were able to continue their work productively during the crisis. Concerns that employees might work less efficiently and less concentrated from home than in the actual office have not been confirmed.

Instead, it is the spontaneous and complete switch from presence to remote work that brings challenges for companies. Although especially in customer service regulations regarding remote work have shown potential for years, they remained widely untouched until the crisis. In order to work efficiently from home, Call-Centre agents require not only reliable access to modern software and the appropriate hardware - a headset and two monitors - but above all one thing: A fast and uninterrupted internet connection that continues to provide the speed and level of service that consumers expect today. Many companies lack the right infrastructure and the necessary know-how, precisely in the event of a rapid and inadequately prepared transition.

Uninterrupted service from home - The yoummday Principle

Yoummday already had an answer before the problem existed. Here, home office is not a temporary solution but a basic principle: From the very beginning, the innovative company relies entirely on remote work for its self-employed talents - using a modern infrastructure for uninterrupted service provided from numerous locations. Therefore, the current challenge of others has long since become standard at yoummday.

Become a talent at the expert for remote customer service

As a talent at yoummday you work independently and completely from home - all over Europe, even after the pandemic. Regardless of whether you want to work in inbound or outbound marketing, sales, copy editing, chat or email support. But how to sign up? Simply register for free at After a short introduction video call, you can apply for various customer service projects. In many cases customers will contact you directly! You can then freely choose between the different service offers depending on your availability. This allows you to shape your work according to your personal preferences right from the beginning.