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Read some reasons why working remotely result in an expansion of your leisure time.


Long drives, traffic jams, crowded buses, and trains: Commuting to work costs many employees time and nerves. Although the current home office regulations are a relief for lots of people, most companies might only apply these regulations for the duration of the current pandemic. Those who are interested in benefiting from the flexibility and time savings of working remotely in the long term should rely on companies such as yoummday. These companies are already known for working from home and implemented remote working beforehand leading to a business concept based on work at home. As a freelance talent working on the yoummday platform, you can entirely work from home – before, during, and after the Corona pandemic.

Yoummday offers you, as an independent talent, flexibility and time savings in the long term by working remotely – even after the pandemic

According to the 2018 mobility report of the online platform Stepstone, almost half of all commuters spend more than 30 minutes twice a day coming to work. While 12 percent of all participants need more than one hour each way. On the other hand, only 4 percent require less than 15 minutes.

This concludes that many employees spend up to two hours a day unpaid in overcrowded public transport or traffic jams excluding their working hours. Next to wasting time, you additionally have to mention costs of public transport tickets or gas. The commute also causes harmful environmental impact due to excessive use of infrastructure…

Working from home leads to more time for family and friends!

Working remotely does not only protect nature. Savings also includes your wallets – and also making much more out of your day. According to a study conducted by the research institutes, Forsa and IGES on behalf of the German employee health insurance provider DAK, 68 percent of 7,000 participants stated that they have significantly more time available every day since they do not have to commute to work.

More time also means less stress and increasing satisfaction – in private and professional life. Those who work flexibly from home have more time and energy for family, friends, and personal tasks. Furthermore, they can organize and enjoy their free time more consciously - every single working day. Consequently, the amounts of hours normally taken up by commuting can be used actively. This leads towards new possibilities in your new won leisure time: Going for a run instead of taking the bus for one hour, going out for dinner with friends instead of being stuck in a traffic jam, and spending time outside with your partner and children instead of standing in crowded trains with other commuters.

Nevertheless, after the pandemic, many companies will probably return to their traditional practices of working at a local office since they do not provide the know-how and the required digital infrastructure to offer their employees long-term remote options. Most companies do not have flexible and comprehensive home office regulations. That circumstances are a setback for everyone who meanwhile appreciates remote work and got to use to working out of their own office during the pandemic.

You can entirely work from home at yoummday – before, during, and after the pandemic

Do you want to expand your leisure time for family, friends, or yourself without reducing your working hours? Become a talent with yoummday! Yoummday guarantees you as a freelance talent to work from home at any time – full-time, flexible, and long-term after the crisis. The innovative customer service platform relies entirely on remote work for its self-employed talents - not just after the beginning of the pandemic. This means that you are guaranteed to continue working remotely after the pandemic and you can benefit from the many advantages mentioned above and spent your saved time wisely on things you personally like!

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